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wait so we have 20 holidays now, did I miss something from the Wiccan/Pagan meeting.

FOX NEWS you are so stupid, if you wanna bash us then do some research because 1 Wicca and witchcraft are not the same and 2 we have 8 holidays get it EIGHT! not 20,

yes all the wiccans plays dungeons and Dragons all day * sarcastic* wtf no not very wiccan/pagan plays games like that.

and it is called WICCA not Wiccanism,

really? Wiccanism are you kidding me

FOX NEWS you need to get all that shit together thats stuck in your ass because all this bashing you did against us wiccan/pagans just makes you look stupid and proves you know nothing about our beliefs!

ok so the guy that bashed us made a video apologizing to the Wiccans/pagans.
he said something like "they don't bother me so I don't have the right to bother them, sorry about that"
I don't know how sorry he is but I still don't trust him or anyone at FOX, glad we don't have it in the UK

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