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Fresh Dog food with Lotus root! Give your pets the divine treatment ^^

This is a really simple recipe I made for my dogs to eat fresh homemade food.  It’s only 1 part meat of your choice and 1 part vegetable. In this case I used the super sacred Lotus Root - nutritious too!

1 part mushroom (you will need a blender or chop them kinda smallish)
Take a pot filled with enough water to cover the veggies and meat and simmer for 7-10 mins until it is only a little raw and still juicy.
Put the veggies and meat into a blender and add the left over broth or regular water. Blend until it is a loose slurry
Serve cooled to room temperature and store in the fridge. Feed as is next meal(s)!


*If using a blender that has a plastic pitcher, I recommend using cool or regular water. If using a metal or glass pitcher you can add some of the broth instead.

The broth is also good soup for humans or doggies.  Finally fresh food for your doggies with fiber too!

**Optional: Using the Lotus root or another veggie is good. Carrot or broccoli stem (the part most people throw away!), cauliflower, squash, pumpkin are all great options to add in. Whatever is in season is best. You can also use fruit instead of veggies.

My dogs loved it and ate all of it, even the picky one!

Good luck!

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