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I think a journal is very important, you would be surprised what your previous self has to say on different subjects. Look back into the past and see.

Here is a blast from the past :

Originally written: Tuesday, December 16th 2003 4:32 AM

Witchschool ?

I have been a practicing Wicca for a couple years now, OK i guess you can make it more than a few, seeing that I started at 15 officially. i really never thought about studying Wicca online before. Today while researching Wicca, I found WitchSchool. Yeah... Yeah the name does sound a bit cheesy I know. But hey It doesn't look that bad. According to the Web site there are many classes that I may be interested in.

I have been a solitary witch for a couple of years, with no tradition just me myself and I, and hey even a few friends lol. It does sound nice to learn more about Wicca. I don't know how much a First Degree Course will help as I have been learning since 15. But hey review can be good to .

Now that I think of it WitchSchool does have a ring to it, it is a school of Witches lol.

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