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Galaxycon in Raleigh North Carolina

Every once in a while I get a chance to review a Comic con. This summer I got to check out the Raleigh Supercon which was hosted by Galaxycon. This was held at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh North Carolina. This was formerly Wizard World, and Supercon. Every year they promise to bring some of the most talented celebrities from far away. This year they announced early on that Cary Elwes and John Cleese would be appearing. Sadly both cancelled before the event.

We were pleased to find out that Tim Curry, John Cusak, Ron Perlman, David Tennant, Catherin Tate and Rob Schneider would be appearing though. The set up was pretty much the norm. It was almost exactly the same as all the other cons before. Celebrities were all located on the back wall, photo ops on the corner and the venders and other booths located throughout the center.

My top favorites of the whole convetion had to be the Necronomicards booth. What are Necronomicards you ask? They are only one of the coolest games I have ever seen in my life. So easy to play, cheap and beats any board game we have ever had. They are easy to play, enterchangable with all the sets they sell. The art work is absolutely amazing! If you get a chance please check them out! "NecronomiCards is a Lovecraftian card game of horror, strategy & luck! Successfully Kickstarted Spring 2016, you can can buy it now at" (pulled directly from site)

Now I am not a Lovecraft fan at all in fact I am a bit repulsed by his work and that being said I realize that the Necronomicards are based on his work and I STILL love them! I don't even think about Lovecraft while playing. Not to mention he has added some new cards that appeal to many fandoms!

Celebrities, I met David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Rob Schneider. I will have to say that out of all of them Rob had to be my favorite. He was extremely friendly. When he wasn't talking and taking photos he was signing free autographs for kids. That was just awesome. He was actually there for the fans and you could totally tell. The only other person I had the pleasure of meeting that was even close to this amazing had to of been Jason Mewes from Jay and Silent Bob. Jason is quite a character and just fun all the way around.

There werwe so many vendors. You could find books, props, coasters, clothing, henti, anime and about anything else nerdy or fandom based that you could think of. I was excited to see Horror Show Jack there again as well. He is the master maker of some of the best fangs in the USA. I didn't get a chance to stop and chat because like always he was hard at work. If you get a chance to stop and check out his work you will not be disappointed.

Okay so what are the cons of the con you might ask? I would have to say the photo ops and waiting in line at the celebrity tables. When I had the chance to get my photo op I noticed just how rude the people that were in charge were. One guy was cussing out an event goer because she took to long. I was thinking "Wow, these photo ops are expensive and you just told this lady with a kid to 'F' off!" I don't know if she reported him or if she even knew to but I hope she did. Every employee in the photo op area basically treated all the customers like trash. Needless to say I will NOT be getting photos ops ever again. I would rather go to the table.

The table greetings with celebs were much better. My only issue here was that some genius decided it would be a good idea to give the volunteers sticks! No joke, there were volunteers who were smacking eventgoers feet with a stick telling them to stay in line. No one smacked my feet or else I would possibly have gone to jail. I could totally go without someone poking at my feet with sticks. I felt that was a bit overkill.

Other than those issues I would say it was a pretty good con all together. I would definitely keep in mind that the food is costly and that it is much cheaper to carry snacks and drinks from home, which is allowed. Make sure you stay hydrated also since you will be so busy you wont even have time to be thirsty. Raleigh is a big city so lock your cars and remember to pay for parking since you don't want to come out after an 8 hour event only to find your car towed away.

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