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Okay, well not exactly in Cinci, but its the closest main city near here *out in the boonies*.

Anyway, I was walking around campus today and I saw a random yellow ginkgo leaf on the sidewalk. I thought perhaps it was painted on, because people do that sometimes. While I was in class I was wondering how that leaf had gotten there. I was pretty sure we didn't have a ginkgo tree.

When I was coming back from class, it was still there, just kind of hanging out, so I picked it up. I looked around to see where in the world it could have come from, but I couldn't figure it out. We didn't have any ginkgo trees o.o

So random message from Goddess? O_o I think its a possibility. I'm pretty sure Ginkgo isn't indigenous around here, and I don't know how a leaf just appears somewhere.

So yeah, thoughts on this anyone?

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