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I'm so excited for the upcoming Global Wicca Summit. Witches from all over the world will be getting together to discuss changing times and how it effects our religious beliefs and practices.

In the 30 years that I've been practicing witchcraft, I have seen many things change. We are a brilliant spectrum of magical beings, each of us unique, with different views and emphasis, different perspectives and priorities. While it is human nature to want people to believe and think the same way you do, within Wicca, the variety of our perceptions strengthens us. Our uniqueness, when bound together with a common purpose, creates a web much stronger than the individual strands of which is is composed.

The Global Wicca Summit seeks to bring us together to discuss the different needs of Wiccans all around the world. What is happening in Africa is much different than what is happening in the US, and Europe. Italy is different From Illinois. Each of us has needs and hopes for our future. It is our goal to discuss these needs, and see if we can emerge with a new Global perspective that will allow us as a people to both understand the needs of each other, so we can work towards fulfilling those needs.

As Wicca emerges into a Global religion, our needs have changed. Maybe our purpose must change. That which knocked on our doors waking us up on the 60's, 70's, and 80's has been addressed. We have woken up. We have brought the Goddess back into the light. We have created institutions. We have thrived. Yet our world has new needs today. What good can come of our movement? What is next?

Now as we embark into a new era of cooperation, we are capable of tackling some new issues. Let's discuss what they are and hear with compassionate ears, the needs and concerns of our brothers and sisters.

Here is a list of today's issues, that we face together. It's by no means comprehensive. Do you have topics you feels are important that need to be addressed by the Global Wiccan Summit? Add your thoughts in the Comments.

  • Environmental Concerns
    Social Acceptability, legal acceptability – The Broom closet and who's in there and why
    Gender Issues – Fluidity - Androgyny
    Traditional Wicca v/s Modern Wicca
    Underground Wiccan Traditionalists
    Online training v/s in person training
    Job Generation and finding employment for our people
    Money in the Craft
    Are the Laws still relevant? Do they need to be revised? Should Wiccan Law be a living Document?
    Should we do Spells and Magic
    What is the difference between witchcraft and Wicca
    Church or Coven
    Sex in the Craft – Polyamory and Lifestyle, Sexually Transmitted Degrees
    Secrecy - Do we need it?
    Dealing with our deceased Elders and documenting our growing history
    Witch wars and working together
    Witchcraft in different countries, what problems do you face?
    What does the Wiccan public need from Priesthoods today?

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