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This is the transcript for the Online Chat on Sacred Cauldron, The topic of conversation is "Money in the Craft". Led by Lola Stardust.

[17:05] LolaStardust: Greetings! My name is Lola Stardust. I am a 4th year student here at WSTS, the SIM manager and Events Coordinator for the Sacred Cauldron, I facilitate the Threads of Wisdom discussions, and I am the High Priestess of the Children of the Crossroads in Spokane, Wa. I am so very honored to be here!
[17:06] LolaStardust: Welcome to our Global Wicca Summit discussion called “Money in the Craft”. The Global Wiccan Summit is a teleconference happening all over the internet in order to collect information from Wiccans everywhere re Wicca as a World Religion and the many topics that are being discussed. This information will be used by our leaders at the 7th Parliament of the World's Religions being held in November of 2018.
[17:07] LolaStardust: We here at the Sacred Cauldron are one of the many online participants in this Summit. For more information about the Global Wicca Summit, please visit www.thedailyspell/GWS.
[17:07] LolaStardust: So before we start, I ask the Gods to join us in this Sacred Space and ensure that all opinions that are stated here are heard and respected I ask that the Gods lend us their divine inspiration and support, that we may all learn and grow from today's discussion.
[17:08] LolaStardust: So Mote it Be!
[17:08] Damaras: ☽☉☾Տʘ /\/\ʘϮ∈ iϮ ß∈☽☉☾
[17:08] SilverMoonWisdom: ☽☉☾Տʘ /\/\ʘϮ∈ iϮ ß∈☽☉☾
[17:08] Rev. Emairelhd: so mote it be
[17:08] Stacia Sylvester: so mote it be
[17:08] Trisha GoldenFae: so mote it be
[17:08] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: smib
[17:08] QueenAthenaDruid: so mote it be
[17:08] Aisha: So Mote It Be!
[17:08] - Laura -: So mote it be.
[17:08] Sagan Skye: So mote it be
[17:08] SaffaBoyWayne: smib
[17:08] MadHouseWitch: ☽♀☾So Mote It Be☽♂☾
[17:08] RichardCrowwhite1: so mote it be.
[17:08] Cassandee Meter: ☽♀☾So Mote It Be☽♂☾
[17:08] LolaStardust: To start off this conversation, it is stated in the Wiccan Laws , # 24 “Never accept money for the use of the Power. It is sorcerers and charlatans who accept money for their spells and prayers. If you accept no money, you will be free from the temptation to use the Craft for evil or unworthy causes. “
[17:09] LolaStardust: What do you think this means?
[17:09] Trisha GoldenFae: do not accept money for spells or prayers
[17:09] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Money complicates things :-)
[17:09] LolaStardust: mhm
[17:10] Rev. Emairelhd: that Wiccan should be a devotion of your soul, and not your business
[17:10] LolaStardust: nods
[17:10] QueenAthenaDruid: To accept money means you are only in it for the money?
[17:10] Trisha GoldenFae: accepting money for counseling, tarot readings, reike is different
[17:10] Cassandee Meter: I think there ARE ethical ways to make money within the crafting, but just for the casting of spells or for the giving of prayers
[17:10] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Or initiiations
[17:10] LolaStardust: do u think they meant those as well trish?
[17:10] Trisha GoldenFae: agree with cassandee
[17:10] MadHouseWitch: accepting money means you are more likely to be swayed from your ideal and just do it FOR the money
[17:11] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: You are allowed to recoup your cost though.
[17:11] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: It does not say you have to loss money either.
[17:11] Trisha GoldenFae: no i do not. spells and prayers only
[17:11] LolaStardust: nods
[17:11] Aisha: I understand when you accept money or trades for a service. which is something you are skilled and you have been working towards.
[17:11] LolaStardust: Where do we draw the line cuz some people might use tarot or healings and combine with spells
[17:12] LolaStardust: prayers can be used in healing..and tarot
[17:12] Cassandee Meter: You can make money for herbal preparations for instance, or for crafts that you make in iconography or practice of witchcraft
[17:12] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: You don't charge for the spell part.
[17:12] - Laura -: Share the knowledge you have, Without asking for anything in return.
[17:12] LolaStardust: nods
[17:12] Darrell J. Delph: Crafting a set of runes, and selling them is one thing, imbuing each of the runes with intent beyond the crafting of them would be the selling of a spell
[17:12] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Exactly Darrell
[17:12] Aisha: I always think, who am I to withhold knowledge.? We are all in this together.
[17:12] LolaStardust: So those who sell their spells online are all breaking the Wiccan Laws?
[17:12] RichardCrowwhite1: everything is a exchange. taking as greed to the benfit of your beyound th cause sould be in qestion. make your self worthy but not the only cause to be ruled by other means.
[17:12] SpiritDove: wheres the guarantee anything you do works
[17:13] LolaStardust: interesting
[17:13] LolaStardust: So those who sell their spells online are all breaking the Wiccan Laws?
[17:13] Trisha GoldenFae: selling spells online is breaking law in my opinion...
[17:13] Rev. Emairelhd: I definitely think people who sell spells online are breaking the Wiccan laws
[17:13] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: I agree.
[17:13] MadHouseWitch: in the past MONEY was not exchanged but OTHER things may have been where does that fall?
[17:13] Darrell J. Delph: Yet honoring those that serve your community and spiritual needs, their needs should be taken into account. How can you help them thrive and continue their important work.
[17:13] Trisha GoldenFae: how can you even connect with a paypal buyer for an effective spell?
[17:13] LolaStardust: So i like to play devils advocate
[17:13] LolaStardust: isnt it all magic?
[17:14] SpiritDove: 50/50 on a spell working
[17:14] Cassandee Meter: i feel like the practice of selling "spells" is kinda shady.
[17:14] Rev. Emairelhd: It is. and you shouldnt charge for any of it.
[17:14] MadHouseWitch: "Thank you for the help healing my rash, here is a chicken"
[17:14] LolaStardust: and if we charge for reading and such, that magic like spells?
[17:14] Trisha GoldenFae: human interaction - connecting with someone
[17:14] SpiritDove: what if I tell someone I cast a spell for 40 bucks to cure someones cancer and they dont go to doctor that may have saved there life
[17:14] LolaStardust: what if someone came to your house and wanted you to perform a spell for them
[17:14] Cassandee Meter: if you send your energy into a work for money rather then the purest of intent that is for keeping bala powers to accomodate your financial gain, not necessarily the good of allnce, you are asking the
[17:14] LolaStardust: ?
[17:15] Darrell J. Delph: The use of divination is more a form of spiritual counseling than spell work.
[17:15] Rev. Emairelhd: well casting a spell to heal cancer is a huge *ethical* line. wicca laws aside
[17:15] SpiritDove: what evidence is there that anything you do actually does anything
[17:15] Trisha GoldenFae: donation only! that takes away your greed and maybe will motivate you to work harder!
[17:15] MadHouseWitch: that is an important distinction I think
[17:15] LolaStardust: interestng spirit
[17:15] SpiritDove: since it is 50/50
[17:15] Cassandee Meter: I have had people ask me to use my prayers for their benefit, if it is in my heart to do so then i do it, i would not accept money for the work of my heart
[17:15] SpiritDove: i mean
[17:15] Cassandee Meter: i might take food or something tho
[17:15] Stacia Sylvester: When I charge, I charge for my time, knowledge and expertise. I do not charge for the specific spell or healing that provides you with what you need.
[17:15] LolaStardust: barter system
[17:16] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Exactly Stacia
[17:16] SpiritDove: just because someone gets better after a spell there is no way to prove its something you did
[17:16] SpiritDove: im just curious is all
[17:16] LolaStardust: true spirit
[17:16] Rev. Emairelhd: there are a whole lot of things in the universe that you cant prove.
[17:16] LolaStardust: what about charging for cleansing a home of negative spirits?
[17:16] Trisha GoldenFae: i would charge for that.
[17:16] SpiritDove: i do know the power of the mind can make you want to get well if you think its working
[17:16] MadHouseWitch: by that then Dove, what makes it provable that the medication we take works and isn't just placebo effect?
[17:16] Damaras: it needs to be a fair exchange of energy, however, doing a spell for someone is not even something I do. I would help them do the spell themselves so they have the power over it
[17:17] Cassandee Meter: that seems like service industry work, not witchcraft to me lol
[17:17] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: I would personally not do it. You can charge for gas to get there. though.
[17:17] MadHouseWitch: you charge for your TIME, not your GIFTS
[17:17] Darrell J. Delph: clearing a home, time and materials, not spells and intent.
[17:17] - Laura -: No , Definatly no charge.
[17:17] Rev. Emairelhd: yeah no charge from me either.
[17:17] LolaStardustLolaStardust listens intently
[17:17] Trisha GoldenFae: becasue the person would be involved and my time and expertise is involved too.
[17:17] SpiritDove: i know the body has a powerful healing ability and also can make you even sicker if your mindset is such
[17:17] firefly Bluebird: if all my time is spent doing the work i should be compensated from it but that compensation should never be the focus of my work. so donations take the ego out of it unless of course i demand donations then id be back at square one. the donation plate at cristian churches for instance.
[17:17] LolaStardust: I often take money but not always..i do a barter system with my clients as well cuz if they need my services and dont have monetary funds, we work out a trade (ask my hairdresser! LOL!)
[17:18] Aisha: I do not charge for that either. I have had people make me dinnerLOL
[17:18] SpiritDove: if it works everytime I would have confidence in it but if its work this time and maybe not next I dont see it as a valid tool for healing
[17:18] Damaras: However, if someone wanted me to do a house blessing....I would charge for my time, ask them to get the necessary items or reimburse me if they could not get them and have them there with me, participating in the blessing
[17:18] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: I also think it depends on your personal financial situation.
[17:18] MadHouseWitch: at the same time, taking money out completely makes it hard to actually have full time clergy
[17:18] SaffaBoyWayne: Stacia, u spoke my words on my opinion exactly that.... I charge for all that I do... AKA my TIME not the service! So for my Reiki Teaching, Healing, Readings, Mentoring, Spells, Blah blah! I charge for my time, but zero for the actual service etc!
[17:18] MadHouseWitch: so there are trade offs
[17:18] LolaStardust: but i also have never charged for spellwork, but i have been asked to excersize someone's home..and they were willing to pay, and there si a little spellwork in that
[17:18] SpiritDove: i did a house blessing once and in no way would I have charged for it. I got paid by the wonderful smile the christian lady had when I was finishe.d. :D
[17:19] Cassandee Meter: it hink if someone asked me to clear the negative energy from their home, i would get them to pay for the sage smudge and some crystals, and walk them through doing it themselves, since i would not be living there.
[17:19] LolaStardust: nods
[17:19] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: I have been lucky. So in my 40 years of being in the craft I have only taken money to pay for gas money and a hair cut when I did weddings.
[17:19] LolaStardust: nice!
[17:19] SpiritDove: i see so many fake healers on internet
[17:19] SpiritDove: they take peoples money
[17:19] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Yup.
[17:19] LolaStardust: mhm
[17:19] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Good way to know a fake they charge a lot...
[17:19] SpiritDove: people give up there entire life savings sometimes they prey on the elderly
[17:20] LolaStardust: charging alot imo i dont see as being fake
[17:20] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: And that is another reason for the law.
[17:20] firefly Bluebird: i know i have too and i think this is part of why we have the rule in the first place
[17:20] LolaStardust: i see as that person has a terrific skill set
[17:20] SpiritDove: depends if you actually do good or not and if its all the work you have
[17:20] LolaStardust: and its hard to know what to charge
[17:20] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Because if we are not charging. Then we do not have to worry that we might be taking advantage of someone.
[17:20] SpiritDove: if I do a job I want it to be benefit of someone if I get paid for it
[17:20] LolaStardust: nods
[17:20] MadHouseWitch: I think that this law was set up to help separate us from the charlatans that DID charge for EVERY thing..."OMG you have the TOWER CARD!! I charged you for this reading, but I can BREAK YOUR CURSE, take this candle for $400 and it will make it better"
[17:20] Rev. Emairelhd: I officiate weddings. I charge for that, cus it's rarely ever Wiccan lol. But even then, it's a super low fee, because I only officiate weddings so that people don't have to have a church wedding who arent church people (we dont have courthouse weddings here)
[17:21] MadHouseWitch: "NO OTHER Thing will work, ONLY MINE" I am OZ the great and powerful!!
[17:21] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Exactly Rev. Emairelhd
[17:21] Damaras: yes madhouse
[17:21] LolaStardust: lmao Madhouse!!
[17:21] Trisha GoldenFae: lol Madhouse
[17:21] SpiritDove: my own mother did a blessing/cleansing at our local police dept.. a few of the employess made faces behind her back but the Cheif of police was so happy about it. "he was native american.. :"D
[17:21] Belladonna Laveau: If you don't pay me, I don't have the time to give you a reading. I'm missing this meeting because someone is paying me to read their cards right now. So you have to pay me enough to make me willing to sacrifice my time.
[17:21] Cassandee Meter: Witchcraft is a spiritual practice, not a commodity. The goals of the craft are not to make commerce. We are not making spells to buy or sell. It is not to be used as a “trade” directly. It is a calling, a practice, a life-style and a way of being in the world. This law is a warning to watch for the cheapening of the Craft in order to make a buck. Worldly pressures would threaten to taint the motives behind the intentions you are bringing to the world if money were allowed to enter into your relationships with spirit. In class our discussion was used to parse and detail the specifics of how a person might use the powers given by spirit, and the tools and items with which to make a living, and to support yourself in the world. I think most pagans seem to be really poor if you count only the money they have in the bank, and yet rich if you count the blessings in their lives.
[17:21] SpiritDove: and she did not charge either
[17:21] SpiritDove: you dont know what poor is
[17:22] SpiritDove: unless you live in a chicken house
[17:22] LolaStardust: back in the old days people would pay eachother with chickens and grain
[17:22] SpiritDove: like my mom did
[17:22] SpiritDove: in her youth
[17:22] Cassandee Meter: I like to barter my skills when i can
[17:22] SpiritDove: what I dont get is young people getting into wicca first thing is buy this or buy that. I say its nature? look around you
[17:22] LolaStardust: i will do services for chicken and grains if thats all they can afford and sometimes i dont charge if they have nothing but really need my services
[17:23] SpiritDove: i wont let you have my chicken shes my baby
[17:23] SpiritDove: lol
[17:23] LolaStardust: giggles
[17:23] Rev. Emairelhd: I think bartering, when it's a natural discussion not a negotiation, is really a lovely thing.
[17:23] firefly Bluebird: if i cant afford to do it ill let the person know i cant and if they ask me why then ill let then know that i cant afford the materials if they decide to pay for it then its not me making them but if they do so because they want to then ill take it as a donation. i do think that the law is a good one to have because of what it protects.. us from marketing the magick in a way like the holidays for instance christmass and everything you need to have in order to have the feel.
[17:23] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: I agree Spirit Dove. The first thing I teach is that the only tool you NEED is your mind.
[17:23] MadHouseWitch: will trade for chicken! or BEES LOL
[17:23] SpiritDove: to get herbs and healing articles it does take money
[17:23] SpiritDove: hahaha
[17:23] LolaStardust: nods
[17:23] SpiritDove: I get most of my stuff at garage sales or bargains on ebay
[17:23] SpiritDove: that I dont get in the woods
[17:24] LolaStardust: and it takes a lot out of us to work with our magick...
[17:24] LolaStardust: i kknow after doing a bunch of readings in a row for people i am spent!!
[17:24] SpiritDove: take b12
[17:24] Darrell J. Delph: yep
[17:24] SpiritDove: lol
[17:24] LolaStardust: so i dont think we should feel guilty charging
[17:24] SpiritDove: i also use amino acids
[17:24] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: I have no problems with charging for a reading.
[17:24] LolaStardust: i used to
[17:24] MadHouseWitch: money is ENERGY too, it is an ENERGY exchange
[17:24] LolaStardust: that is what held me back
[17:25] LolaStardust: from doing readings professionally
[17:25] MadHouseWitch: but you still have to be cautious
[17:25] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Yup
[17:25] Darrell J. Delph: maintain a balance energy for energy
[17:25] Brenna Grace: I do think it is important for those who practice magick to be able to live their best life. If I was only doing readings and things on the side, I would be too exhausted from other work to make money to survive to put my heart into it
[17:25] LolaStardust: yes darrell
[17:25] SpiritDove: if its mutually agreed .. what do you tell the client before you charge them that its entertainment or that you guarantee results? that would depend on charging I would think
[17:25] LolaStardust: so true brenna
[17:26] SpiritDove: if someone comes to me saying they will help me speak to my dead mother I would kick them
[17:26] LolaStardust: our services , i hope, are not seen as entertainment
[17:26] LolaStardust: Hi Hestiamuse!!
[17:26] Cassandee Meter: reading tarot is a skill for sure, it deserves to have the exchange of money to justify the skill and the energy involved
[17:26] SpiritDove: leave the dead people alone
[17:26] RichardCrowwhite1: i depends on alot of factors to what is of equal exchange. what kind of serives am i providing and what are they doning to help themselves. if i am doing a reading depending on who it is. i could charge a fee agranged in agreement for exchange. there is no malice in this. i mean there is nothing wrong for caring for yourself in this as well.
[17:27] SpiritDove: do you relate yourselves to psychologists and doctors? since the first doctors in history were witches
[17:27] Belladonna Laveau: I'm back from my paid tarot reading, which is how I make my money that enables me to run the ATC which is a full time job that I do not get paid for. Sorry I missed so much.
[17:27] SpiritDove: and how learned are you in your craft?
[17:27] MadHouseWitch: Welcome back Bella
[17:27] SpiritDove: as they say "a sucker born every day'
[17:28] firefly Bluebird: i dont trust someone who says they want me to let them speak to the dead . however if they said hey if i tought you how to bridge the gap to the underworld with a guided mediation and i ll write it down so you can do it for yourself can you help me with putting some gas in my car .... i might be inclined to let that fly ... you know ?
[17:28] RichardCrowwhite1: considering i was born and raised in a home were my gandmother did services for the community and it kept the light on and food in her fridge. i find it vaild to do for yourself as well as helping those in need.
[17:28] SaffaBoyWayne: Aint that the truth Bella, not many people realise that yes we may charge, but a lot of things behind the scenes we dont get paid/do freely for others!
[17:29] MadHouseWitch: I think some reality of this is that we are USED to paying for services we should not have to... but it is the cultural norm now.... expected I'm not sure what the solution to that is though
[17:29] SpiritDove: dont know but reading tarot for people to me is taking there money
[17:29] Sagan Skye: So it says "Never accept money for the use of the Power." How do we define "the Power"?
[17:30] - Laura -: I think spirits come forward if they have something to say. They dont come forward on demand.
[17:30] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Power is the use of will to affect reality - magick
[17:30] firefly Bluebird: our connection to divine ? and our use of it
[17:30] SpiritDove: unless you can provide evidenc that your 100 percent guarantee what you read for them comes true or otherwise useful. its taking money for unjust gain. this is my humble opinion
[17:30] Belladonna Laveau: The purpose of this discussion is to state our points of view and listen to others points of view. This is not a pursuasive conversation where you are trying to get others toagree with you.
[17:30] firefly Bluebird: the intangable part?
[17:30] SpiritDove: i could not care if anyone agrees with me. :D
[17:30] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: I personally don't charge
[17:30] RichardCrowwhite1: lol
[17:31] RichardCrowwhite1: . i her that
[17:31] SpiritDove: if I lived my life wanting people to agree with me I would have a really tough
[17:31] Belladonna Laveau: Yes, put you should be polite so that everyone feels safe to express their opinions.
[17:31] RichardCrowwhite1: hear that
[17:31] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: But one thing about Wicca is that that even the 'laws' have a lot of room for personal interpretations.
[17:31] Darrell J. Delph: I don't charge for divination, I charge for time, for my time is limited and I have value in my skills.
[17:31] LolaStardust: yes this is a sacred space ad all opinions matter
[17:31] Trisha GoldenFae: well put Darrell
[17:31] MadHouseWitch: Agreed Darrell
[17:31] LolaStardust: so lets watch our "typing tone"
[17:31] Cassandee Meter: right,
[17:32] ℳʘʘℕ: i agree with Darrell
[17:32] firefly Bluebird: ok
[17:32] SpiritDove whispers: i mean a person has there own ability to read the card themselves Its like feed a person a fish or teach them to fish.. its all within all of us IMHO
[17:32] MadHouseWitch: as to if someone thinks that time and service are valuable, that is up to them to decide
[17:32] SpiritDoveSpiritDove dont know tones
[17:33] LolaStardust: Not everyone has the same skill set
[17:33] Darrell J. Delph: Because I have a thing for numbers, if you donate your time to an organization that time has a value, currently in the US that works out to $24.14 an hour, so making sure I can feed my people and house them for my time spent is important.
[17:33] SpiritDove: people will read into a text sometimes somethign you didnt even mean
[17:33] Rev. Emairelhd: Aren't we just splitting hairs though. Saying money is energy and its an energy exchange or saying oh its the TIME im charging for. Just sounds to me like a way to rationalize taking money.
[17:33] firefly Bluebird: thats makes sense darrell
[17:34] Darrell J. Delph: Well, money is not the enemy, intent behind it is.
[17:34] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Except you can not claim volunteer time as a deductible :-)
[17:34] ℳʘʘℕ: so true Darrell
[17:34] Aisha: true that Emairelhd. I have to work an actual job to supposrt everything within my temple. since I do not get paid for running it. And I also dont charge for anything.
[17:34] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Money is just something that saves time.
[17:34] MadHouseWitch: Again I think it really comes to what "The Power" is
[17:34] - Laura -: True Darrel.
[17:34] Rev. Emairelhd: Same, Aisha
[17:34] Rev. Emairelhd: Its a calling
[17:34] Darrell J. Delph: No you can't but that organization can claim it at an asset which helps them greatly.
[17:35] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: It is faster than my trading you a cow for a sheep in order to get a dog
[17:35] Belladonna Laveau: Excuse me while I go make some more money reading cards.
[17:35] MadHouseWitch: is "The Power" divination, or Magic done for a spell? or both?
[17:35] Belladonna Laveau: :)
[17:35] LolaStardust: So I want to list some questions
[17:35] firefly Bluebird: is there anything wrong with a donation plate in the temples tho
[17:35] Trisha GoldenFae: love you Bella
[17:35] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: However in our society many have made having the most money the goal
[17:35] SpiritDove: im relating my thinking of a service
[17:35] LolaStardust: for some of you to answer if you can
[17:35] LolaStardust: you dont have too
[17:35] firefly Bluebird: ok
[17:35] LolaStardust: . How do you define Wicca?
2. What role do you play within Wicca?
3. What are your practices that are Wiccan in nature?
4. What value does Wicca offer to you?
5. What value does Wicca offer the world?
[17:35] Stacia Sylvester: you are asking me to spend my time and energy on something for you. If I do not have an energy exchange of some kind, I prefer to spend my time doing something fun, like making incense. I a lot so much time for others, there has to be a balance. The balance is the energy exchange.
[17:36] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: I did a YouTube video on this that will be shown sometime during the conference
[17:36] SpiritDove: if I say I mow your yard for $5 and I only do it next week only if it dont rain.. and I never do.. did I do good or just take your money. if the taror reading or spelll provides nothing then you should even give there money back
[17:36] LolaStardust: these questions help us get a sense of you as an audience
[17:36] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: so people can see my take on that then LolaStardust
[17:36] LolaStardust: u dont have to answer them if u dont want to
[17:36] SpiritDove: I feel if you think stars or cards or anything else rules your life then your a slave to them
[17:37] LolaStardust: Individuals
1. How do you define Wicca?
2. What role do you play within Wicca?
3. What are your practices that are Wiccan in nature?
4. What value does Wicca offer to you?
5. What value does Wicca offer the world?
[17:37] MadHouseWitch: wonderful Andrea
[17:37] ℳʘʘℕ: in chat you want us to answer them Lola ?
[17:37] LolaStardust: yes please
[17:37] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: 1. Wicca = a nature religion with a female face of the divine and often a male face
[17:37] ℳʘʘℕ: 1. How do you define Wicca?
Wicca is a neo-pagan religion. I call myself Wiccan, but Wicca is much more. It requires much more study and education than reading an article on Wicca. I am often accused of looking at things to literally, but I would love for anyone to show me a simple definition of faith. Let alone, someone else’s faith, or even better yet… your own faith. Wicca is a religion and like most it has a standard definition and a personal one. This way people can personally define Wicca and what it means to them, how they incorporate it in there life.
[17:38] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: 2. Role - CoG National Interfaith Rep. Wiccan Clergy. Had a coven for 20 years....
[17:38] QueenAthenaDruid: 1. I define Wicca as a nature religion with honoring our Goddesses and Gods.
[17:38] Darrell J. Delph: Wicca is a young faith that is evolving and growing rapidly. Since Uncle Bucky introduced self initiation the door has been kicked open to have it grow in almost any direction, and most importantly in the individuals own development.
[17:38] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: 3. My life integrates Wicca into it. When I make food I give thanks and add energy to it as an example
[17:39] QueenAthenaDruid: 2. The role I play within Wicca is love to love nature and its beauty all around. And to also honor and respect Goddess and God.
[17:39] LolaStardust: we are going to pass this info on to our leaders to assess what needs to be taken to the Parliament gathering
[17:39] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: 4. Wicca offers me a framework that works. Helps me grow as a human.
[17:39] - Laura -: Define wiccan as being part of all nature. Working with nature and natural energies.
[17:39] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: It also is a Religion that does not ask me to give up reason.
[17:39] SaffaBoyWayne: I'm a Eclectic Pagan Witch in which i take bits an pieces of all things, druid, wiccan, shamanism etc etc! I respect them all an take bits an bobs as i say, an mash an blend them together if that makes sense.
[17:40] - Laura -: Use of herbs for healing.
[17:40] Darrell J. Delph: What role do I play in Wicca, well I am just going to cut and paste my intro: Hello, I am Darrell Delph, a 2nd degree priest in the Wise Tradition, a student of Belladonna Laveau. I am the Summoner for the ATC Mother Church, the High Priest of The Ever Green Hearth ~ATC, the Director of Enrollment for WSTS, the rental manager for the Sacred Cauldron, and a junior of WiccanSEminary.EDU. It is my honor to serve as your priest.
[17:40] Belladonna Laveau: I just got back Lola, can I get those questions again?
[17:40] ℳʘʘℕ: Andrea, love that, its is so true, because food come from the mother earth, therefore we are taking her into ourselves.
[17:40] QueenAthenaDruid: 3. My practices that are Wiccan in nature is to honor Goddess and God through ritual work or spell work. But to also understand what Wicca is on a deeper level.
[17:40] LolaStardust: Individuals
1. How do you define Wicca?
2. What role do you play within Wicca?
3. What are your practices that are Wiccan in nature?
4. What value does Wicca offer to you?
5. What value does Wicca offer the world?
[17:40] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: 5. Wicca offers the world a different world view. One that values diversity, personal experience, and nature. It also insist that all genders have value and that every thing is sacred.
[17:40] QueenAthenaDruid: 4. Wicca offers a lot of value for me. I respect it and appreciate it.
[17:41] ℳʘʘℕ: 2. What role do you play within Wicca?
I have belonged to many small groups and communities and covens, the most satisfying like minded people I have found is in sl. I have been initiated by the late Keven Saunders, Author and High Priest from UK.
[17:41] Aisha: I define wicca as a nature religion. I myself am an Eclectic Pagan. Everyone defines it differently and connects to the term in their own unique way.
[17:41] QueenAthenaDruid: 5. The value that I feel that Wicca offers the world is abundant love, peace and happiness.
[17:41] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Oh another role I have. I created materials for suggestions for neo pagan Funeral practices called Merry Part.
[17:41] - Laura -: Im just glad that everything I seem to be has a name ie wiccan.
[17:41] SaffaBoyWayne: Ooooo never heard of him Moon!
[17:41] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: On
[17:41] SpiritDove: I was wiccan 8 years
[17:42] LolaStardust: and for Leaders:
[17:42] SaffaBoyWayne: im going to have to have a google
[17:42] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: And the Statement in support of Science...
[17:42] LolaStardust: For Leadership/State of the Union
6. What role do you play within Wicca?
7. What is your community like?
8. What is its origins?
9.. What is it legal status?
[17:42] SpiritDove: then realized I never believed in dieties without good evidence
[17:42] SpiritDove: i see nature and i know im nature
[17:42] Darrell J. Delph: What are my practices that are Wicca, every waking moment is devoted to my path and the development of tools to help others. I honor the Goddess and the God in whatever face they reveal to me.
[17:42] SpiritDove: i love the psychology in wicca
[17:42] ℳʘʘℕ: 3. What are your practices that are Wiccan in nature?
The Moon – The moon is very important to me. The moon is like a magickal calendar. I like to explore what spells work best on what days and really make an effort to understand the delicate balance of the moon and sun, light and dark, night and day. I feel these elements enhance my ritual's and bring me closer to deity.
[17:42] firefly Bluebird: 1.wicca is my life path that i walk in this life, 2. i am merely a shepard and student that does what is needed of me. 3. divination, invocation, ritual work, and healing, life. 4. the ability to work out what matters in my life and the ability to figure out how to make it worth while to me and those who i interact with in life. 5. a path that offers us what we need and would like out of life, a means to connect with the world in a way that is good for us, and a community that supports and is nurishing of our spirit. we are change we are divine and should treat ourselves like we matter. that is what wicca can offer ourself and the world.
[17:43] LolaStardust: Thank you for answering these questions
[17:43] SpiritDove: there is no meaning to life .. I give meaning to life
[17:43] LolaStardust: it helps us get a feel of who attends these discussion
[17:43] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Well said Spirit
[17:43] SpiritDove: :D
[17:43] QueenAthenaDruid: The role I play within Wicca is to be devoted and to honor and respect other Wiccans.
[17:43] SpiritDove: wicce wise wisdom witch love etymology of it
[17:43] LolaStardust: nods
[17:43] - Laura -: Crystals, The use of crystals, For balance, strength, healing etc
[17:43] SpiritDove: our first doctors
[17:43] SpiritDove: healers
[17:43] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: < Long time in the Craft. I have walked this path for over 40 years. Still learning and growing...
[17:43] Aisha: My role is being a Second Degree Priestess of the Correllian Nativist Tradition I am a Co-Head of a Correllian temple where I live. I am also the Head of the Sea Priestess Training in my tradition
[17:44] Darrell J. Delph: 4&5 connection and fulfillment in all that I do.
[17:44] SpiritDove: are you in that magick school on youtube aisha?
[17:44] QueenAthenaDruid: 7. My community is always bustling, but I don't know to many Wiccans in my area.
[17:44] - Laura -: Crystals should be cheaper!
[17:44] SpiritDove: i have a pagan neighbor dont know if shes wiccan
[17:44] Aisha: I am enrolled in WitchSchool.
[17:44] Darrell J. Delph: number 6 I covered in number 1. :)
[17:44] SpiritDove: ok aisha
[17:45] LolaStardust: you guys are great!!
[17:45] SpiritDove: thats what I mean
[17:45] SpiritDove: i grew up witha native american mother who saw spirits and shaman
[17:45] LolaStardust: So lets summarize what we went over re: money in the craft
[17:45] LolaStardust: Charging for spells?
[17:45] LolaStardust: Not a big fan of, most of you
[17:45] QueenAthenaDruid: 8. In my community? To be honest, I am unsure since it's a mostly Christian community.
[17:45] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: I think that is a fair statement :-)
[17:45] LolaStardust: Tarot and healings: exchange of money or goods or energy
[17:45] firefly Bluebird: the spell itself no but the time and materials i think is reasonable
[17:46] SpiritDove: if you take money remember your rede? and it harm none not even taking money unless you provide proper service and its not harming them. I would be ok with that..
[17:46] LolaStardust: good observation
[17:46] firefly Bluebird: we cant do the work if we dont pay for it
[17:46] Brenna Grace: Charge reasonable prices and definitely "an it harm none"
[17:46] firefly Bluebird: like crystals or sage and stuff
[17:46] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Some can Bluebird. Some can't
[17:46] SpiritDove: you mean tools
[17:47] firefly Bluebird: thats also true and tools without the speel work done to them
[17:47] Darrell J. Delph: As far as my direct community, it is young, passionate and committed to serving the Goddess and the community. They are always developing tools to help each other and those in need. Beyond my local community the regional community has a great deal of people working for the best and highest good of all.
[17:47] LolaStardust: Summary: Charging for our time and energy is fine...
[17:47] Trisha GoldenFae: correct
[17:47] firefly Bluebird: yes lola
[17:47] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: As long as it is not for an initiation.
[17:47] LolaStardust: but beware of charlatans..
[17:47] LolaStardust: interesting point andrea
[17:47] Stacia Sylvester: noes
[17:47] Stacia Sylvester: nods
[17:47] firefly Bluebird: i agree
[17:48] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: That is a definite No No
[17:48] LolaStardust: i do like playing devils advocate tho and i appreciate you all letting me do that
[17:48] Darrell J. Delph: The origins of The Ever Green Hearth ~ATC is from local colleges, and is now a full affiliate of the ATC with all the legal protections and rights of a 501(c)3
[17:48] firefly Bluebird: :)
[17:48] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Again you can ask someone to bring the materials if you can not afford to donate them.
[17:49] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: It is important to look at both sides of any issue LolaStardust ;-)
[17:49] LolaStardust: nods
[17:49] Rev. Emairelhd: If you trust in the threefold law, and in your own knowledge of the Universal tides, then all energy you put out will return to you in multiples. Dont worry over tit for tat, equal compensation at the time of services, trust Deity.
[17:49] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: That has worked for me.
[17:49] Darrell J. Delph: So I have to get to class, if anyone wants a free tarot reading the third year students will be providing them at 6:30pm SLT after our lecture. :)
[17:49] ℳʘʘℕ: Lola can you please give that web address again please, i lost mine :)
[17:50] LolaStardust: so before we wrap up, any other things you wanna post about this topic? or finish answering the questions if you want...
[17:50] Darrell J. Delph: Thank you Lady Lola for hosting this today.
[17:50] Rev. Emairelhd: Yes, thank you
[17:50] Hᴇxᴘᴇʀᴛ: I have a question
[17:50] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Seems like the discussion bore a lot of fruit.
[17:50] Aisha: Thank you so much Lady Lola!
[17:51] Hᴇxᴘᴇʀᴛ: if I may
[17:51] Stacia Sylvester: yes, Thank you Lady Lola
[17:51] LolaStardust: yes
[17:51] LolaStardust: go ahead hexbert
[17:51] Cassandee Meter: Thank you for your hosting and direction Lola!
[17:51] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Hexpert?
[17:51] AndreaKendall Jaxxon: Ask
[17:51] Trisha GoldenFae: this was fun!
[17:51] Cassandee Meter: Thank you everyone for sharing your energy and your thoughts tonight!
[17:51] firefly Bluebird: go for it hexpert
[17:52] Hᴇxᴘᴇʀᴛ: well I on a daily baisis find my self rebunking things
[17:52] LolaStardust: while he is typing hhis question....
[17:52] Trisha GoldenFae: there will be FREE tarot readings in the Wise Owl Library in 35 minuets!!
[17:52] firefly Bluebird: me too hexpert
[17:52] LolaStardust: Thank you all so much for being here this evening. Your opinions and words will be heard! Before we close...

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