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Global: Witch School Video, Lustration, and Major Transformation

This is a regular email, which I am sending out to all members of Witch School as part of the Witch School eNews which is sent to all members unless they individual member opts out. . This is usually posted in the CEO Blog, and I am moving that to this site as well.

Dear Members,

I Hope everything finds you well. Exciting things are happening at Witch School and I thought you would like to know. They are big, bold, and are focused on bringing you better services and tools for your education. There are only four subjects today, and the last is definitely the biggest.

First, The Correllian Lustration (our big spring gathering and ritual) along with Witch School will be in Salem, Mass. April 17th-19th, 2009. This event is expected to draw a lot of members for a good time for all. To attend, check out . We are anticipating that this will become a historic event.

We will also be filming, and if you cannot attend, we will have snippets on our Magick TV, and we will be selling DVD copies of the lectures. If you want to receive copies, you can preorder them for $9.99 before April 20th, and you will receive all of the DVD’s we produce, no matter how many separate ones we end up making (at least two, likely 3 or even 4). So either come and join us, or share the event through DVD, which you can purchase at

Second, Rev. Don Lewis has finished Lesson 5: The Airts, of the Wiccan First Degree Series. We are now offering it for sale in our store at: and we will also be putting new pieces up shortly for Youtube viewing.

We also will have at Magick TV the newest long form Ritual. This time it will be the Pagan Unity Ritual in Chicago, led by Oberon Zell, and comprising a number of Chicago Clergy. This will be the first filmed ritual after Oberon has taken treatment for cancer. As you will see, this man keeps on moving no matter what. You will be able to see it at Magick TV with the support of the Witch School Community.

Third, the new Clergy Program subscription has proven to be a popular choice, and at $49.99, this focused programming is growing, and has lots of great opportunities. The Clergy Studies Starter kit is sent to all new members who subscribe to the program. Note: if you are a Lifetime/Charter Member then you are already able to enter the program, without additional charge. Check it out:

Also we will send the Clergy Starter Kit and the Crystal Web Kit to all new lifetime members to We are almost sold out of these memberships, with less than 700 available. As promised, we are capping them off at ten thousand and we are nearing that total. This membership allows for a lifetime of studies, with full access to all services of for as long as you live. It is a great investment in personal education and investment in your community, at only $99.99. You can email if you want to buy a membership for a child or grandchild, for their 13th birthday. If you are interested, check out:

Fourth, and the best and greatest news. Last week, we established a relationship with Liminati, Inc. to help rebuild the site, to give us more functions. As you may know, Witch School is a huge site, with literally tens of thousands of pages of classes, news, information, etc. We also have tons of social sites from Yahoo Groups, to Myspace, to a half dozen others. It can be a little difficult to access all the features, even to know how much Witch School has to offer, much less be involved in everything you would like. So to answer that, we have asked Liminati, Inc., a leading Social Architecture and Web Management Company to help, and they have begun to upgrade the site. Within a few weeks, Witch School will have a strong new look, and within a few short months, be upgraded into an Educational and Social Network second to none.

The Beta Testing where the staff and others are building the site is taking place at This site will become the new front page of the site, and be integrated into the class system already in place. This site will combine all our sites into a workable portal and access point to all our different social as well as educational tools. The new will combine our school with the ability to act as a Myspace (with each student, mentor, staff, temple, and organization able to have their own highly controllable page), Facebook (with the ability to apply applications and widgets on your profile pages), Youtube (you will be able to put up your own videos of rituals, lessons, discussions), and a Dashboard to all of parts of Witch School that is spread out across the web and world. I am excited about this, and we will have a lot of new features. This is all made possible by our supporting members.

I invite all of you who enjoy being early adopters to join the beta site at and help us rebuild the site. In a few weeks this will be the front page of Witch School, and will allow full access to the whole site from this page. For those who wish to wait, you will be able to use the site as you always have, as we are first and foremost dedicated to your education.

Thank you so much for joining us on this amazing journey. This has been a tough year so far, but we are working hard to continue to develop the best possible education for the 21st century Pagan community. Without all of you it would not be possible.

Ed Hubbard
CEO, Witch School International, Inc.

P.S. A little off-topic, but in order to help pay for the Lustration, which helps the Correllian Tradition at no cost to the tradition, we are having a large auction. It is a strange group of items - a collection of Star Trek Fanzines is being auctioned off, with proceeds to help support the Correllian lustration. You can check it out at

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Comment by Tony Jenkins on April 2, 2009 at 9:21pm
I always enjoy these things. I would say that these things are very informative. Thankfully, instead of being out of the loop, now messages as this will literally be quite easy to read at any time so long as posted here. This new networking idea is really above and beyond my expectations of it. This move will prove most fortuitous. Thanks for sharing the news. Blessings!


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