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Greetings from Rev. Aisha Beauchemin, on Behalf of WSI


I learned about Witch School from the Proto-Temple, Archaic Temple of Arcere. I joined them back in 2013. I became a Basic Member of Witch School that same year. I enjoyed taking classes like the First Degree course. Once I finished the First Degree course I was ready for more! So I became a Lifetime Member in 2016. I’ve had a wonderful experience since then! There are tons of courses to pick from. From learning about Divination (Basics-Advanced), to Anthropology, Psychic Development, and so much more! I have finished the Second Degree and now I am studying towards Third Degree. Witch School has the best Magickal Education around and for me it is the most affordable. I have met the best people to help me with furthering my studies, whether it is on a Degree course or a regular course like Herbology. The mentors are so wonderful! They will help guide you through your magickal educational journey. Thank you Witch School, for all that you do for the Magickal Community!

To help Witch School with the website rebuild, please consider making a donation or upgrading to a supporting membership!

Here is the link that makes it all possible:


Rev. Aisha Beauchemin
Second Degree Priestess of the Correllian Nativist Tradition
Co-Head – Archaic Temple of Arcere

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