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Happy Holidays everyone!

What are you celebrating this holiday season?

Are you celebrating Hanukkah? Christmas? Kwanzaa? Yalda? Dongzhi? Korochun? Sanghamitta? Ziemassvetki? Or Yule?

Whatever you are celebrating this season, know that it is not all about religion or the specific faith you belong and affiliated with.

But this holiday season is all about Love.

and yes! This season is all about love. It is not about the gifts you are giving or receiving. It is not about the food you are preparing for the holidays. It is not about the clothes you wear or share.

Religion may have do something about this holidays, but the real reason why we celebrate this season is about the change that the world is experiencing.

For us here who live in the northern hemisphere is experiencing the cold season while in the south hemisphere do experience the warm season.

This is natural cycle of the earth which we know as the Solstices.

Since this season is getting cold, people of the past thinks of way how to survive the cold weather condition in their area. People wear clothing to keep them warm. They eat food to make their body tolerant during the cold season. People gather together to share the warm through their body heat just to survive the cold weather condition.

Since it is cold, I think that an individual could not survive the cold weather condition alone. We need something or someone to make us warm and this is the reason why religions do create religious holidays to make people gather to warm each other.

But the most important thing that this season is bringing us today is to remind us that we are not alone in these worlds that need to be comforted by warmth of love. There are other people around you whom you can share the love to keep you warm. And that love is not limited to only few nor is selfish, but the Love that is Divine.

This Holiday season, I pray that you who read this right now find the right reason to celebrate and share this season in Love.

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