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Hello Community! :D I hope you can help me!

So i've signed up for some classes at . Only problem is that I have NO IDEA how on earth to start, or where to start these classes. If anyone could shed some light on this subject, i'd be very grateful.

xoxo, Jess

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Comment by Levia on May 28, 2020 at 1:21am
Hi and welcome to WitchSchool and The Daily Spell Network! Below I've pasted some instructions from when the new rebuild first launched. Hopefully this helps you. You can also check out WitchSchool's Facebook and Facebook groups to get answers to questions and any problems with the website can be emailed here:
Again, welcome! And Blessed Be.
The new site navigates very differently than the old site. The Main Site has information that is not specific to your account. The Dashboard has all the information about your account and menus to access the many features of the site. The Profile is where you can update your account information, i.e. e-mail, Alias, etc. The giant sideways G Avatar icon at the top right of the screen allows you to toggle back and forth between the three areas of the new site. Members can look for Users How-To video links to the Announcement section on your Dashboard.

To access your courses on a Laptop:

· Log In.

· Select Dashboard from the top menu by click the giant sideways G.

· The Dashboard menu will appear to the left.

· Choose My Courses to select between Current Courses and Completed Courses.

· Click the Action Wheel (looks like a gear) to the right to choose your action.

· Select View to get to your course work.

· Select either the Lesson or Test tab, not the header, depending on which option you need to interact with next.

Students using a mobile device:

· Log In.

· Click the set of bars in the upper right-hand corner.

· A menu will be presented to you, click Dashboard

· Another set of bars will appear on the upper left corner.

· Click this new set of bars and a Dashboard menu will be presented to you.

· From there, you can follow the instructions given above to access your classes.

· Some mobile devices require you to rotate the device horizontally for optimal viewing.


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