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Here are some links to some guided meditation practices that one can practice every day. Also, detoxifying your mind/soul from unhealthy patterns is essential for progress. And then some fun for just good visualization:

Michael Sealey guided self hypnosis - google playlists on YouTube o...

I guess I will have to add other links in additional posts because I'm not figuring out how to add additional links to this post, but basically you can go to YouTube and search "meditation", or "solfeggios", or "chakra meditation", or "crystal bowls", or " A MidSummer's Nights Dream Full Movie" and YouTube will display 100's of options. I center and ground and clear my chakras every morning, and I ground and clear subconscious negativity every evening, and listen to some sleep music or watch a healthy movie to stimulate my imagination, like "Legend" or "The Dark Crystal". I love Practical Magick, and if that makes me a fluffy bunny then so be it - I was born in the Year of the female Water Rabbit, so (I flip my foot at you! Haha).

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