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So I'm going to admit that im a little shaky about this site. It almost seems like its going to be a draw for fluffy bunnies, which bother me. Ill stick around and what not. Mostly lurk until i conclude that there are a decent number of serious and intelligent people here. Yeah both me and the fiance enjoy and use the WS website and think its a very valuable tool. I have been at this a while not and have met far too many kids that think Charmed is the real deal.

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Comment by Tony Jenkins on April 30, 2009 at 4:24pm
Instead of running from these figures, you should stick around and educate them. I've taken a page out of Christian Day's book. If you don't agree with something, speak out and show others that such and such religion or practice doesn't have to be that way. That you can in fact do your own thing. In any tradition you will have these individuals. You will even see this kind in "dark" traditions as well. Someone can take Raven Digitalis' works and still be a fluffy bunny, believe me.

Am I a Wiccan? No. I consider myself a spiritualist, and believe in many things. I've noticed that through my years I'm really beginning to understand that what works best for me is simple, tribal understandings of the cosmos and magick. Sympathetic magick is great to me. I connect with totem animal ideas, from Norse Berserkers to Native American medicine men/women. I have a joy for werewolf/lycanthrope mythology and beliefs. Norse mythology played a part in my transformation.

If you're afraid of what a Fluff Bunny is, or what they may do if they flock here, create a discussion on the main page discussing just who and what they are. Or maybe create a class for Witch School an identifying and avoiding becoming one. There are many things you can do with this. Intelligence isn't always everything either. I've learned a good deal to pay attention to the games and antics of children from Anton LaVey. He's right, with their unconditioned minds they have a better relationship with life and magick than we do!

Wolf pack love,
Comment by DarklyRaining on April 30, 2009 at 9:51pm
I can get a little deep at times and it is nice to have folks around that will tolerate that aspect. I hope you stick around. I'm still checking it out myself.
Comment by AlExIs_AsSyLuM <33 on May 3, 2009 at 12:34am
i may only be 13 but i'm pretty smart and take things seriously, i dont just do it for cool spells, you could do that w/out being a wiccan, i do it for a spiritual path, i actually get along more w/ adults than teens my age
Comment by Eblis on June 12, 2009 at 8:15am
Hi Genevieve, I hope (and I'm almost sure) that by now you have encountered a decent number of serious and intelligent people, LoL. There are many people working to make this Social Network valuable, and go beyond all which currently exists... Join the efforts, as I think you have already done! That's the most powerful invitation you will receive!

I send you many blessings to you, your fiance, to Alexis, Darkly and Tony. Blessed be!

Comment by zenua geal draiochta on July 11, 2010 at 11:17pm
i agree with AlExIs_AsSyLuM <33 she words it perfectly, i am the same age and i get along with adults better and love wicca because of its spirituallity and the feeling of being conected to everything in the world.


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