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I am finally home from the Parliament of the World’s Religions and wanted to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone who made this event so wonderful!

I especially want to thank the thirteen Correllians who made the trip to Parliament with me: Rev. Susan Caldwell (Florida), Rev. Laurie Denman (Florida), Rev. Ser Jeanine De Oya (North Carolina), Rt. Rev. Eblis (Mexico City, Mexico), Rev. Elizabeth Hamilton (Pennsylvania), Rt. Rev. Ed Hubbard (Illinois), Rev. Alyssa Maxon Kemp (New York), Rev. Lori Keigans (New York), Rev. Angela Munn (Florida), M. Rev. Stephanie Leon Neal (Georgia), Rev. Mike Neal (Georgia), Rev. Sam Shryock (Missouir), and Rev. Karen Silva (Connecticut). You were all magnificent and I cannot imagine this last week without you! Thank you all so much!

It was great to see so many old friends and to make so many new ones! I could not begin to list everyone, but among the many people I am grateful to have gotten to spend time with were River Higginbotham, Dave and Gail Sassman, Shel Skau, Peter Dybing, Patrick McColum, Jason Mankey, Michelle Boshears, Genise White, Tim Staker, Andrea Kendall, Annie Crone, Sally Apokos, and so many more! It was especially nice to get to see Gypsy Ravish, one of the great voices of Pagan music as well as a great High Priestess. And I am very grateful to have met and gotten to spend time with Leslie Gaul Hugo!

I particularly want to thank Yvonne Conway Williams for spending so much time with us! It was a delight to see you and get to talk with you again!

I also greatly enjoyed spending time with the Isian delegation. Arch Priestess Linda Isles, Arch Priestess DeTraci Regula, Arch Priestess Annitra Makafia Ravenmoon, Arch Priest Kasey Conder, and Arch Druidess Mana Youngbear all of the Isian Triad Union. Although there has been Isian representation at all modern Parliaments, not since 1993 has the actual international leadership of the Parliament been represented there. It was wonderful to get to spend time with you all!

Monday night after the closing ceremonies of the Parliament we held our Regional Lustration. This had been envisioned as a small private ritual for the Correllians at the Parliament, but we ended up being joined by many friends! Thank you to Rev. Angela Munn for arranging this Lustration! Rev. Angela will also be hosting the Lustration of the Ancestors on April 15-17 of next year.

During the Lustration we were deeply privileged to be able to honor three outstanding Priestesses for their work.

Rev. Jeanine De Oya was presented with the Order of the Round Table in honor of her many years work with the African American Wiccan Society. May the blessing be upon you Rev. Jeanine!

Rt. Rev. Linda Isles, Spokesperson of the Isian Triad Union, was presented with the Order of the Round Table for her work in keeping the Triad Union together and upholding the spiritual legacy of the Blv. Olivia Robertson. May the Blessing be upon you Arch Priestess Linda!

And finally Selena Fox was presented with the Order of Tsalv honoring her life’s work, through Circle Network News, Circle Sanctuary, Lady Liberty League, et al. What words can you use to honor someone who has done so much to benefit the spiritual community and the world at large? Many thousands of people have benefitted from Lady Selena’s work, including many who do not even know that she is the one who did it. Our community would not be the same had this great lady not been part of it. Surely Lady Selena is the preeminent Priestess of the Western Traditions, and prima inter pares among the established heads of organized Traditions. May the Blessing be upon you Lady Selena always, even as you have blessed so many through your work!

Lastly our own Correllian Tradition has seen some important announcements during the Lustration. A full Lustration report will follow soon, but for now let me congratulate Rt. Rev. Harwe Tuileva who has been inducted to the Correllian Council of Elders. And congratulations to Rt. Rev. Eblis, who has been acclaimed as First Elder of the Tradition. And congratulations to M. Rev. Stephanie Leon Neal who has been declared Coregent First Priestess of the Tradition. An investiture ceremony for Lady Stephanie will occur as part of the Lustration of the Ancestors next spring in Jacksonville, Florida (April 15-17, 2016). Congratulations to all of you, and to all of us to have so many wonderful people serving in so many capacities!

What a wonderful time it was! Watch for more reports, photos, and video coming soon!

Blessings to all!

Rev. Don Lewis
Chancellor and First Priest
Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca

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Comment by Nicole B on October 24, 2015 at 10:01am

That must have been a wonderful experience :)


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