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Merry Meet my Friends!

Until now, 658 Wiccans, Witches and Pagans all around our World have signed up within our newest and greatest effort into being one of the largest networks (and forces!) of Wiccan & Pagan Studies, Activism, Social Gathering and Broadcasting!

We, at Witchschool and of course at the Correllian Tradition, have always searched for ways to innovate not only in Education, but to CONNECT with each other in every possible sense.

I think the synergy it's amazing, the result of mixing the brave and brilliant Vision of the leadership both of WS and CT, with the power and consistency of the Participation of all of us, everyone pertaining to these two wonderful separate yet involved in a protocooperative relationship Entities. In the end, truly, the final outcome of OUR system is greater than the sum of its parts.

(Protocooperation is where two species interact with each other beneficially; they have no need to interact with each other they interact purely for the gain that they receive from doing this. It is not at all necessary for protocooperation to occur; growth and survival is possible in the absence of the interaction. The interaction that occurs can be between different animal kingdoms - or in this case, Organizations).

I made up this little story of how everything has been occurring, all from Official sources, especifically our Witchschool e-News bulletins:

On january 30th, 2009, our CEO Ed Hubbard wrote:

We have also built a new team called the WSI Social Network Team. The idea behind the team is to help our members connect any way they want, across different social networks, including Youtube,, Facebook, Yahoo Groups, Blog of Shadows, Wiki, and many other sites. The desire to be able to communicate across multiple platforms is very important to us. If you think you may be interested in joining this volunteer group and have special skills in social networking let us know. We are especially interested in anyone with Ning experience. Contact us by email to me at Ed at

On march 20th, 2009, Ed Hubbard wrote again:

Basically we are looking to build a Team with individuals who have knowledge of one or more of the different social network sites, from Myspace, Blog of Shadows, Wicca Together, Second Life, Ning, Twitter, Wiki etc. Since these tools are emerging so fast and so quick, this will need to be a team of players who are willing to discuss what to do, and accurately predict the best way to use this rapidly changing communication technology. This will help formulate Witch School International's policy of action with these sites. In a deeper way, it will help the Pagan community utilize cutting edge tools for their groups as well, as they learn from us and us from them.

On april 3rd, 2009, WS launched the Beta Testing with this message:

Fourth, and the best and greatest news. Last week, we established a relationship with Liminati, Inc. to help rebuild the site, to give us more functions. As you may know, Witch School is a huge site, with literally tens of thousands of pages of classes, news, information, etc. We also have tons of social sites from Yahoo Groups, to Myspace, to a half dozen others. It can be a little difficult to access all the features, even to know how much Witch School has to offer, much less be involved in everything you would like. So to answer that, we have asked Liminati, Inc., a leading Social Architecture and Web Management Company to help, and they have begun to upgrade the site. Within a few weeks, Witch School will have a strong new look, and within a few short months, be upgraded into an Educational and Social Network second to none.

The Beta Testing where the staff and others are building the site is taking place at This site will become the new front page of the site, and be integrated into the class system already in place. This site will combine all our sites into a workable portal and access point to all our different social as well as educational tools. The new will combine our school with the ability to act as a Myspace (with each student, mentor, staff, temple, and organization able to have their own highly controllable page), Facebook (with the ability to apply applications and widgets on your profile pages), Youtube (you will be able to put up your own videos of rituals, lessons, discussions), and a Dashboard to all of parts of Witch School that is spread out across the web and world. I am excited about this, and we will have a lot of new features. This is all made possible by our supporting members.

I invite all of you who enjoy being early adopters to join the beta site at and help us rebuild the site. In a few weeks this will be the front page of Witch School, and will allow full access to the whole site from this page. For those who wish to wait, you will be able to use the site as you always have, as we are first and foremost dedicated to your education.


And so, now, just 26 days from the Beta Programme Launching we have grown into a network of 658 persons and still growing!

Before ending this my first entry to my blog, I would like to highlight some points:

- I think it would be rather normal, natural, to have some kind of resistance to change, but we should fight it through our willingness and efforts toward participation, promotion and - why not - education in all aspects of these changes.

- We must become Supporting Members of both Witchschool and Correllian Tradition. All these changes, all our bright future, cannot and will not occurr without our HELP, without our SUPPORT. Organizations need money to survive and to grow, that's a truth of life, no matter what kind of organization you are envisioning. And the greatest positive thing about being a Supportive Members of WS and CT is that: You will always receive something in change, whether the best online education for life, all kinds of wonderful and magickal products, or simply being the change you want to see in the World, as Gandhi said, BEING PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOURSELF.

- As Pagans we have always been earlier adopters. I think that's part of our profile; we make the trends. So let's do it one more time.

Thank you so much for reading,

I send you many blessings!

Merry Part,


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Comment by Rev. Yoko on April 29, 2009 at 3:26pm
Buenisima la entrada con un racconto de la forma en que evoluciona esta Tradicion, con raices ms antiguas que la mismisima Wicca gardneriana y con la vision mas futurista de todas!!
Comment by The Daily Spell on April 29, 2009 at 10:20pm
Thank You for this! The Social Network Team is important, and we can always use more members to help. It sounds like we are moving fast. We are close very close to combining the two sites.
Comment by Tony Jenkins on April 30, 2009 at 3:36pm
Witch School is by far not done growing. As we expand, perhaps one day we will see more traditions and leaders, additions to our teams and a staff that spans the globe. You are also correct in your analysis of our need of funds and the importance of supporting members. We are the one of the lowest costing metaphysical educators found online, and use the funds we receive to put back into the education we put out for our friends. The S.N.T. really has its work cut out, especially with the recent additions of Liminati and Slippcat to our operation tech staff. People need to know who we are and what we do, what we will be doing and where the future of Paganism lies. We also are here to give a voice to groups that really don't have a voice out there for themselves.

We have a platform that can give a voice to otherwise unknown traditions and individuals, age demographics, countries that wish to learn about Wicca, or any Pagan religion for that matter. We're always wanting and in need of adding more courses, and encourage them to be written and submitted. There is just so much within our grasp that almost quite literally, the world is at Witch School's fingertips. Thank you for this blog. It's a wonderful work, and one that quite well explains what we have done up to this point, and our mission's future.

Wolf pack love,


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