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How I'm Better Able to Reach my Higher Self: I hope it can help you, too!

Most everyone has a certain time of day when they connect (or try to connect) with our higher self. Mine is in the morning when my house is empty, quiet, lit by the morning rays of sunshine, and filled with the cacophony of birds going about their morning rituals. Oh, yes.


Rituals help us connect to our higher selves. They help us meditate. We are creatures of habit, nonetheless, aren't we? However, there are mornings when I feel that ritualistic side of worship becomes a practice of simply going through the motions. On these days, it is harder for me to really concentrate and tune into deity. I assume that I'm not the only one who deals with this on occasion. If I am, well then, blessed be!
So, I'm writing this post to explain what helps me, as I call it, get into "the zone" in order to worship deity and attune to my higher self in the morning. My goal is to help you either identify with my method or (PLEASE) share your own in reaching out to others who may better identify with your method. We're all here to help each other, right?
So, my method: I discovered it quite by accident, really. I'm an avid book reader. When I say avid, I mean that I could open my own library! History, religions, herbology, gardening, post-colonialism, WWI and WWII war poetry, American Literature...but I digress. So, while I was reading I came to the sudden realization that the world around me had disappeared. I was completely encompassed within myself with a euphoric feeling and vivid images in my mind from the words that I was reading. If you've ever had this experience reading a book, or even watching a TV show or a movie, in my opinion, you've hit "the zone." Upon this realization, I realized that what I was experiencing while reading my book could be used to better focus on my daily spiritual practices!
This is how I am able to concentrate better while standing before my altar and following the practice I do every morning. I prepare myself by reflecting on how I feel at the moment I'm in "the zone" while reading a book. Now, during my morning connection with deity, I'm totally absorbed in images and can better project my intentions. I'm able to have the world around me be more like background music to aid my concentration. By remembering the feeling of "the zone" while being absorbed into a book, I'm better able to use that feeling to focus my energy on connecting to deity and having a better outcome of my intention.
I felt the need to share this with others who may have the same experience when performing rituals where you just feel like you're going through the motions and not really connecting.
Have you had this experience? What are your methods of reaching a higher plane? Please comment :)
Love, light, and peace to all! ~ Rain Maiden

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