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Merry Meet to One & All who Pass this Way,

I see that it has been way too long since I was one here and even wrote or said anything, so I reckon it is about time to do so. Since December 11, 2012, my last posting, a lot has happened in my life so I will try to summarize it up for you today.

My husband has finally gotten to the USA, even though we are waiting for his official green card, we are well on the way. It is costing an arm and a leg, but in the end he will be able to gain a SS card and work and we are together. We are doing it legally and it seems as if the ones who do it illegally get better chances than we do, but we still intend on doing it the right way, hey besides, the English were here before us so it should not be as difficult as it is, but we live with the situation.

We started out in a tiny one bedroom apt when he first got here, as that is all I could afford on my salary. It was hard, but we managed. Now we have moved into a larger house, which we are making it a home. We even have a swimming pool for the summer days. Right now it is all covered with many inches of snow, but we are on the count down, so we just have to be patient a little longer.

I have a great job now with regular hours and benefits, yep ins. Had to pay a penalty on my taxes, because I did not have coverage the entire year last yr, but I am OK with what I have gotten. I am having a little struggle at work, as they use a system that I do not completely understand, but I am trying my best and like always it will come. Just hope they will continue to be patient, as there are times when I just want to walk away, but know that I can't afford to do that, so I push forward and do my best. Yet it is extremely frustrating.

I do get my weekends to spend with my wonderful husband and even have some time to do the things I love to do and that is my crafting. We have set one room aside strictly as a craft room complete with my sewing machine, beading and crocheting stuff. Sometimes I go in there just to escape and relax and create. It seems my best creating comes at the time of the full moon, which is an awesome time.

We are renting this place right now, but have first option on the purchase of it, so we are working real hard to be able to get the $ together so that this will become our own sacred sanctuary.

Hubby is right now outside using the snow blower to free up the drive before it gets much worse because it is due to snow all night and all day for the next 2-3 days. Sometimes I feel like Mother Nature and Ole Man Winter are having a battle of the strongest, just to prove a point, so we take it as it comes and look forward to the end of it.

My daughter starts my day and ends it most of the time as she calls before and after work. It is wonderful to have her in my life again and they plan on coming out this summer for a visit.What fun we will have, not only my daughter and grand children, but hubby's daughter and grand children, which each have never met.

Well, since this is just a little ranting and raving and trying to catch you up, I will close off for now and post. Anyone in New Hampshire, or planning a visit, simply let me know and maybe we can get together.

Merry Part till we Merry Meet Again. May you be blessed in all you do, say, think and in your action.

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Comment by Sherri on February 12, 2015 at 9:39am
Hi Windspirit! As I was reading your post and smiling about you talking about how much snow you got and will get I was wondering if you were from NH I am as well, it's nice to find someone on here who is also from NH. I hope things work out with the green card and your family :) I'm sure they will. Have a great day!! -Sherri
Comment by Sherrie on February 23, 2015 at 7:10pm

Wow ! I was reading your post Windspirit, and I feel like you.... It has been way too long since I have been here. This last year has been a very trying time in my life. My mother has been ill, and even though I know it is part of the life cycle, it seems one is never ready or prepared for what comes with taking care of an ill and aging parent.
And like you, I see there are many things I need to get caught up on.
The one thing I know is, there is always a reason and a time to begin again.
I hope 2015 brings many more positive things in my life, and I am thankful for the Goddess and her loving guidance thru this last year.

I look forward to seeing you around here, and you Blessed Be !


Comment by fantumofthewinds on March 9, 2015 at 11:51am

heads up my lady , life can get extreme at times,but the end result is always satisfying . I think on this old plant us as humans tend to work our lives away , take a breather when you can , Im with you, as I look around this old economy, I know so many things are changing , it seems the news, cant report nothing more then the doom and the gloom, but I keep my head up any ways and push forwards . It been awhile since I have seen all of you , and its nice to see your faces once again , I have not wrote anything in ages it seems,do to the way they have changed the site, and the fact that life can throw us Bananas some times and we must reprieve. I was on the group for awhile , but left their , was just to much ego flying around the room. Life is fine here , and good to see you both .

Comment by Sherrie on March 12, 2015 at 6:29pm

You got that right about the doom and gloom all around us. I had a strange last week. It seems I am just on edge 2 or 3 days before the Full moon. It is every month, but last week seemed to be an exception. It seems I am so sensitive to other people. Like I absorb all their negative energy or something. I am some what of an empath, but last week at work I found myself many times going to the restroom just to ground and center myself.
Then today at work my Supvr, whom I love dearly, and she is an amazing person, had a small "meeting" with me. She asks me if I am alright. And of course I WAS perfectly fine. Seems after all the tense vibes before the Full moon simply vanish as I spend my alone time on the night of the Full moon. My husband gets this about me and so it does not cause too much of an issue at home.
But today my Supvr. tells me that there were a couple of people last week who told her I was "scary" and I seem different than the "other girl in my department". Well first of all, the other girl in my department is mess ! She drinks almost every night (and I am not trying to judge her) but she just lives her life in a way that causes me from time to time to create "barriers" between her cubicle and mine.
Anyway, I might have been better if my Supvr. didn't actually tell me who it was that was saying I was "scary". But now I know that about them and I feel kinda weird about it.
I live my life by my path and I am not going to change who I am just because someone else doesn't get who I am. It is very hurtful sometimes to always be singled out because you are simply just "different" and don't run around with the "in" crowd from the office. Ya know ?
I am not sure if you work outside the home or not, but I am not sure how to handle this situation. And I honestly don't know how to be very discreet when the Full moon get my whole body in a state of flux.
Have you ever experienced such a thing?


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