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Call For Psychics and Vendors: Halloween Psychic Fair Online

Hello from the Daily Spell!

We are waking up from a long slumber and once again providing information and communication to The Daily Spell Community! We are working to support our latest offering: The Halloween Psychic Fair Online! The URL will be

The Halloween Psychic Fair is an online festival to take place October 1st through October 31st, 2020.  This is a place where you can get a Psychic Reading, can take classes, and hang out with fellow Halloween Lovers.  With live broadcasts including the Halloween Quiz Show we will be providing entertainment alongside knowledge and wisdom.

Looking for Psychic Readers
We are looking for Psychics who are interested in doing Zoom and online social connections and providing readings to people. This is a great opportunity and we are accepting people with skill at all experience levels. It’s a way to put those Tarot Lessons to the test!  This is a commission-based system and you will be paid for every reading you do. For you who want to apply:

Reading Special Pre-offer
For every reading you buy in advance (good for any reader) for the Halloween Psychic Fair from October 1-31, 2020, you will receive a free class.  If you prepay for 10 readings you will receive an All-Access Pass, which includes all classes.
Link for offer:  

Halloween Psychic Fair All-Access Pass
We are excited about this fair and the number of classes are growing! They will become available to buy tickets for shortly. We are creating an All-Access Pass, which allows access to Classes, Discussion Groups and Lounges. It is a way to have fun and learn so much. 31 days of community, celebration, and classes on many subjects. These include live classes with Lord Don Lewis, Lady Stephanie Neal, and many more people, to be announced.  So before this gets moving, we are offering The Daily Spell members who support us The All-access pass for $100, and we will add a Psychic Reading (15 minutes) with the reader of your choice. This offer will be available until September 30th, 2020.
Link for the Offer:

Vendor Opportunity
We recognize that so many of our vendors have been displaced by current happenings in the world. We are offering a unique $100 package that offers high recognition within Social Broadcasting. We offer a Page, Video, and Commercials throughout our content. We also have planned the Halloween Shopping Channel which will give daily access to vendors throughout the month of October.  We can help you improve your online efforts even more than you may realize possible.
Link for Offer:

This is an amazing event in the making! I hope you will join in on the fun where you can, and how you can!
More Information to come.

Blessings and Happy Halloween,
Ed Hubbard
CIO, Cem Broadcasting


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Comment by Stephanie Neal on September 23, 2020 at 11:27pm

This should be fun, just think, celebrating Halloween for one entire month!!


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