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I told my Dad via an email about the fact that I am a Wiccan via an email this Wendsday evening. I did not want to talk to him in person about this. Dad thinks I am "Confused" and chose to send me a religious video to try to bring me back to the "Catholic Fold". In my family, Dad is tip-toed around. The rules, for him, are different then for everyone else. If I sent him a Wiccan video, he would have a fit and would refuse to watch it. Him sending me a video and attempting to make me be what HE wants? Perfectly acceptable in his point of view. I chose to not watch his video, of course. I don't like double standards, I have had to live with a lot of them as I was growing up. I sent him an email and was very nice to him in reply... I was firm but kind. I feel I expressed myself well without being either weak or agressive and was able to acknowlage his point of view while at the same time not losing sight of my own. I love my Dad, it is just that sometimes he makes loving him hard for me to do however he is taking things better then I would have thought possible, his reply to my email was a single line long and not too bad, all things considered.

I am just glad that Mom at least accepts me as I am better then Dad ever will... I was able to tell her quite a while ago and she is happy that I have found my path... All she wants is for me to be myself and be happy. And that makes me feel better.

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