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I live in a very small town in the Heart of Texas. When I say "heart" I mean there are more Churches in this town than there are eating establishments.

Up until a few months ago, my husband was a local cop here and because of his position, I pretty much stayed in the broom closet and was very careful and selective about who knew or suspected my faith. This was not an easy feat since my hubby kept telling me he didn't care what people thought...I should be who I am and he didn't care who knew it.

Bless him...he is so good to me...but he had no clue about small town we throw a huge party for the 4th of July and invite the entire Police Dept as well as some other officers and families....and then hubby and I have a (not quite) argument over whether I should put away my altar things, my book of shadows and so forth....we finally compromised and I packed away my cauldron and some other things, but my BOS stayed out.

(Be patient...I'm getting to the heart of this...but I had to set the scene...grin) So, my hubby's boss and his wife come over as well as most of the rest of the Police Dept....and we all have a marvelous time.

A couple of months later hubby retires and we go visit his boss on his last day as a cop and boss and his wife begin to ask me questions about my faith and come to find out they are very interested in wicca, the craft and spirituality......blew me away!!!

These were the LAST people in the world I would have thought would not only be interested....but let it be known that they were....

I find it ironic....strange....and fantastic that just when I think I have people figured out....or when I think I have a situation figured guides show me that Spirit...Divinity has a whole other reality for me to explore....I love life...and I love the roller coaster adventures that surprise me around the corner.

Isn't magick great? Isn't Spirit devine?? Aren't we all incredible??

Blessings, Light & Love;

Mystik Moon Shadow

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Comment by missfortunecookie13 on December 29, 2009 at 8:47pm
very nice


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