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why do some faiths take the my way or the high way,addatude towards those who do not worship as they do?

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Comment by Esmiria on November 22, 2009 at 5:14pm
My guess would be that they just do not understand our faith.
Comment by Tony Jenkins on November 26, 2009 at 6:40pm
I try to stick to the saying I read once concerning the Norsemen; "You have your gods and I have mine." However, let us be a little more realistic in some things. Some faiths simply do not mesh well together. This can cause friction and even outright violence in more extreme cases, but generally just uneasy tensions.

On the other hand, when one isn't being vehemently opposed to another's faith, maybe they are just simply trying to suggest that you and this other person are opposite of one another in your ways of worship. This may simply mean s/he prefers the company of their own and is content with their way of life; not seeking to change it or try to alter themselves in any form or fashion to be welcomed by this other faith, instead preferring to seek the company of their own.

I'm not one for violent reactions to other faiths, unless in an isolated case of provocation. However, I fully support a religious group wishing to be themselves and wanting to protect their own and their way of life. I'm an advocate of actually trying to preserve your religious culture if that's what you would like. Meaning that even though some may follow a reconstructionist path, they're not trying to change the roots, nor are they trying to live in that time completely; they are simply wishing to keep it alive today and make it relevant spiritually to today's followers. Hopefully this isn't too confusing.
Comment by Tony Jenkins on November 26, 2009 at 6:42pm
I should probably add that in my response, I'm not only looking at what is called "book religions," but also other faiths as well, that may actually be xenophobic or others still that just prefer to be with their own. I'm looking at Pagan faiths and cultures past and present in my observations.


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