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You are invited to attend our online Imbolc ritual which this year will be held on Monday next, February 3rd at 9pm UK time. Please go here:

Ideally you should bring three lengths of ribbon or similar material about 18 inches (say 50cm) long, and a suitable pen to write on this material. The ritual suggests certain runic characters to be used for this purpose, so I have attached pictures of the runes with a short description of what these runes might mean to us in the context of our ritual. If some other symbols or words would prove more meaningful to you, then feel free to use those on the day. If your circumstances do not permit the use of these items, just perform the whole ritual in your mind - that is perfectly acceptable.

For people who may want to call in a quarter, I attach a copy of some calls which would fit in well with the rest of the ritual. Any queries, please just reply to this email. I hope to see you on the night.

Many blessings,

Rev Mick,

Temple of Sedna



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