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Inaugural Correllian Psychic Fair - Sign Up.

On May 21st through the 25th, 2020 The Inaugural Correllian Psychic Fair is going online. If you are interested in joining us as a reader, please fill out application and send in to


Or Copy and Paste from below:

Application and Information for The Inaugural Correllian Psychic Fair, May 21st -May 25th, 2020.
Email to

Time Zone:
Skills Set;
Describe yourself: (Short Bio)
(Long Bio)
Photo: (.jpg, .gif, .png)

Name (Legal):
Address: Street Address, City, State, Zip or Postal Code, Country
We pay through PayPal, when you check in at event, we will ask for that information.
When you have earned over $600 you be requested to fill out a W-9 form.

Zoom e-mail:
We will be sending you an invite into our CEM Network.

I agree to the rules and conditions of the Correllian Psychic Fair Fundraiser, May 21st through the 25th, 2020,

Rules and conditions:

1. All readers and counselors are Independent contractors, who can set their own hours, and are paid for each reading completed.
2. All Readings will be preformed on CEM Zoom Platform, requiring the reader to have the means to provide quality video and audio to their querent/client.
3, All Readings will be (one ticket) 15 minutes or (two tickets) 30 minutes.
4. All readers can set their schedule. We will begin scheduling as soon as we receive the hours you will be doing readings. All we ask is that you keep those hours to the best of your ability. We will schedule in breaks and self-care into all schedules.
5. All readers will be paid by the number of tickets they received doing readings. One Ticket equals a 15 minute reading, and clients bought one or two. Each reader will receive $15.00 USD for each ticket. This will be transmitted to their reader’s PayPal account.
6. The payment schedule is as follows:
All Readers on Thursday May 21st will receive their payment on Friday, May 22nd by 8 pm eastern
Friday May 22nd Readers, will receive their payment of Saturday May 23rd by 8 pm eastern
Saturday May 23rd Readers, will receive their payment on Sunday May 24th by 8 pm Eastern
Sunday May 24th Readers will receive payment on Monday May 25th Readers by 8 pm Eastern
Monday May 25th Readers will receive payment on Tuesday May 26th by 8 pm eastern
B. Readers have an option to receive payment for all the days of the Fair from Thursday May 21st through Monday 25th, in a single payment of Tuesday May 26th.
C. Any readers receiving more than $600 will be required to fill out a W-9 Form in the USA before any further payments are made to them.
7. If a Querent or reader ends a reading within the first 5 minutes, it will be no fault, and no ticket will be created.
8. All readers are responsible for their own internet connections, cameras, and microphones at their location. They are responsible for their studio space.
9. All readers are agreeing to be recorded, for client readings. In this both querent and reader receive copy only. We keep them in storage for a querent or reader review. The choice to record is the clients.
These recordings will not be recorded for public view.
10. Images, Text and Bios provided may be used in advertising and marketing purposes of informing that you are attending the Inaugural Correllian Psychic Fair.


Optional Charity Rule:

11. For Readers who seek to assist Charities by listing them on page, can pledge part or all of their $15 fee per ticket, to that charity. At the end of the event, all charity payments will be counted and paid by Wednesday May 27th, on the readers behalf. The reader will be notified of the amount of their contribution to the Charity at the same time.
12. The Charity must provide permission to utilize their name, contact information and provide the payment information for payment processing to them

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Comment by Athena Silver on May 12, 2020 at 4:10pm
Hello. I’m Athena. I’m interested in joining the psychic fair but I have a question. What is CEM zoom platform? I’m not a very tech person so I am unsure of what that is. Thank you and many blessings,


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