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Lexington North Carolina's Que City Cruise'n

If I haven't already mentioned it I am a huge Classic car fan. One of my favorite past times is checking out the best Cruise-ins happening on the Eastern side of this great USA. I plan on writing about every single one I visit and giving you the best spots to chow down while you watch the sexiest classic cars and most ferocious gassers cruise on by.

On the second Tuesday of every month starting in March and ending in October, you can find the "Que City Cruise'n" happening downtown in Lexington North Carolina. This happens to be one of my favorite events during the summer months. I have seen some of the best cars and a few rare ones riding around this town. Not to mention the great eats that Lexington has to offer.

This cruise-in starts at 16:30 and ends around dusk. There is live music or a DJ and there are lots of amazing automobiles. What I really love about this event is that they keep most of the little shops open during the event. Most of these shops close around 17:00 or earlier and thankfully many of them stay open much later to cater to the crowd.

So far the only con to this event has to be the younger crowd. There is this new trend with the younger kids where they drop the back of their trucks and SUVs. So that the vehicle looks like it's carrying two tons in the back end. That wouldn't be so bad if they didn't cruise up and down the Main street with their music blaring so loud you can't even hear yourself think. And the music is always God Awful. If they weren't around it would be much better but all in all I try not to let them ruin my good time.

If you have a sweet tooth and you get a chance to, you should definitely check out this event make sure you visit The Candy Factory which is located right on N Main street in the middle of the cruise in. It has been in operation since July 10th 1978 so needless to say it's been around a while. You can always find a glass bottle Coke or Grape Nehi which just happens to be my favorite. They have some great candies and they aren't stingy with the samples.

If it's nerdies you crave check out the local comic book store "Top Hat Comics" also located on N Main. They have some great deals on comics and figurines. Not to mention there is always something going on. From Heroclix to Magic tournaments if it's geekdom you crave they have your taste!

As far as dinner is concered if it's Barbecue you are anticipated Lexington has some of the most mouthwatering BBQ around. There is no shortage of restaraunts that offer that succulent pork. If burgers and shakes are a bit more your style you should absolutely give "Char's" a try. It's a tiny place but big on taste and it's right down the road from the event towards the hwy 64 exit.

I enjoy eating at several places but I have to be honest, if I am going to Lexington, I am going to "Don Juans". This has to be my most favorite place for traditional Mexican food. They know me as soon as I walk in. Their queso blanco beats out any I have ever had. Their wait staff is always on point and the price is so reasonable. They have a massive Quesadilla that takes more than one to devour. My favorite has to be the chicken enchilada. So if you feel a bit adventurous on the eats, Don Juan's is the best around! Located at 43 S Talbert Blvd just next to Papa Johns.

So in closing if you're craving a family fun event or just a laid back date night, check out just a little of what Lexington has to offer. You won't be disappointed.

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