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It's difficult to adjust to our new living situation when we can't seem to settle into a routine. We've had two major snow storms in as many weeks. Imbolc was celebrated through the storm. I'm glad for the reminder that the earth will waken soon. I will miss the spring flowers that will bloom. Next autumn I will have my chance to plant bulbs that will be early harbingers of spring.

I have marks on my arm; proof that I still struggle with depression. I did so well with the stress of selling our home with such short notice. When I discovered four days after closing I was still paying for utilities, I had trouble coping. I couldn't understand how I was liable for utilities until the new owner took over. I had an episode stemming from the stress.

I worked from home twice last week and so far once this week. I prefer working at the office. Home is fun, but difficult with a two year old. We finally gave up gates yesterday. The didn't stop the baby and we didn't want one to topple as he climbed. What a proud boy he is going up and down the stairs. He's good at it. Can't stop children from growing up.

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