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Luntiang Aghama recieved a Golden Wand from Correllian Tradition

This Fall Lustration of the Correllian Nativist Tradition, it was unexpected that Luntiang Aghama will recieved a Golden Wand Award.

The Order of the Golden Wand represents fire, the realm of passion and action, recognizes acts of bravery or compassion in the service of others.

It was Rev. Zaina Katherina Ghazzoul of the Sacred Light Temple, Maryland, Baltimore also an awardee of the Order of the Iron Pentacle who informed me about the News.

It is a very humbling and overwhelming experience for me to received an award from the Tradition.

There are so many Correllian in the World, and even million of outer court members worldwide, but out of that many a certain Rolando G. Comon, an outercourt member of the Tradition and Shrine Keeper of Luntiang Aghama was nominated and been awarded by these prestigious honorary award under the Order of the Golden Wand.

This is a very comforting and gratifying experience that i had.

Thank you my Correllian Tradition for acknowledging my small effort in bringing honor to the Tradition and to my ancestors.

Blessed be!

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