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Lustration of the Living Silent Auction.

Greetings All Correllians,

Our Second Silent Auction for 2010 to help raise funds to support our Correllian Tradition will be available soon. These fundraising events are held twice each year to coincide with our Lustration Rituals. As you all know by now, this September is the beginning of Regional Lustrations as directed by Lord Don. The Regional Lustrations allow Temples all over the world to host the event in their location and invite folks from that region, opening opportunities for fellow Correllians to participate without needing to incur long distance travel and related expenses. Be sure to check announcements from Temples in your region / country to see if an event is planned.

For this Silent Auction, I am pleased to announce that Spiritual Manifestations Witan Shrine of Lehigh Valley, PA U.S.A., one of the Correllian Groups who do an annual fundraising event for the sole purpose of supporting the Tradition. This year they have donated all of the items that you will see on the website shortly. There will be an eclectic array of items, many of which will be great gift ideas for Yule as well as some nice items for Samhain decorations.

The items will be available for internet bidding via email through Thursday September 2nd. The items then will be placed on display for in person bidding at the Regional Lustration hosted by Sacred Sea Temple in Georgia. In-person Silent Auction Bidding will end at 5:00 PM Saturday, September 4th.

If you can break away for the Labor Day weekend, sign up for the Sacred Sea Temple Regional Lustration.

Lord Don will be here and it would be a great time to see him, as well as many Correllians from the southeast region.

More silent auction details will follow as soon as all of the donated items are set-up on the webpage.

I encourage you to support this project for our Tradition, as you have so generously done in the past.

Blessed Be,

Rev. Mike Neal

CNT Fundraising Office

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