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Goddess worship and magick, there is no other archetypal deity with a single practice more universal than Goddess worship and magick. Magick is defined as the scared art and science of causing change to occur in conformity with will. Why do people tend to accept the creativity of the divine female and then tend to order the universe how they see fit. Why is The Goddess giving us the knowledge to change reality?
In order to Find Magick in every culture you need to know what you are looking for. As I have defined magick above; is intentionally vague, so as to include the, whole of feminine creativity. Anytime someone consciously changes reality to better suite the needs of humans. They are practicing Feminine magick. Magick is broken into to polarities, masculine, and feminine. Feminine powers are those that rule over all that is womanhood. The power to create life, the power to heal, the power to change everything that is physical. Masculine Magick that is used to experience the spitural and transcend our understanding of the divine; this does not include worship. What I’m speaking of is referred to as high magick. High Magick Masculine and is represented by air; low magick is feminine and represented by earth. Worship is neither masculine nor feminine in essence it is both as worship is a perfect expression of divine love (Energy moving in both directions). Magick may be included in worship but worship itself is neither masculine nor feminine.
Lawrence Durned was a Christian Bishop He started worshiping the Goddess then started working magick (almost overnight). The Fellowship of Isis teaches the rights of the Goddess today while reserving the formal instruction of magick for the adept. Yet the practice of magick is universal in the fellowship. Instead of teaching magick the Fellowship of Isis teaches the devotee to connect directly to the divine. Through constant study, attunement, and ritual worship.
Catholics that feel close to Mary they have visions of the future, become healed, suffer from stigmata, and many other mystical or magickal experiences. One of the most famous instances a feminine catholic miracles is the Marian Apparitions in Zeitoun from 1968 to 1970 hundreds of thousands of people saw apparitions of the mother of Christ; a.k.a the Catholic Goddess. The local orthodox Pope at the time issued a statement saying that the sightings were genuine. Another of the most famous miracles was the stigmatic Therese Neumann; she suffered from stigmata for years never eating or drinking anything but the holy sacrament of mass. According to 6 of the ten most astonishing miracles are being worked by women or the female spirit is being showcased by the supernatural act. This is evidence of the Goddess showing herself even in the belief structure where she has been suppressed for so long. As the Church leaders insist that there is no Goddess and women are less than men she has still found a way to let people know that the church leaders are wrong.
Catholic Priests also preform the merical of mass, forgive sins, Cast out Daemons, and talk to God. Other saintly persons have also been known to do a whole host of magickal things such as healing the sick, flying, and not eating or drinking anything for years just to name a few. Some of them even don’t decay after death their bodies don’t even stiffen. Not to mention the Catholics that practice Vodou they will tell you they worship female spirits and practice magick. So Christianity is not even free from magick and because they include a goddess in there worship.
The Jewish Goddess tradition is a very old and occult one. The knowledge that the goddess even existed in, Jewish tradition, was kept secret for 1100 years. The Initiates of the tradition on the Holy Kabbalah saw to this treachery. The in the Zohar it teaches us that in the beginning there was nothing without end. This trait of being nothing in the Jewish mindset is feminine. The most important thing about this tradition is that the majority or Jewish people do not practice magick but those with the secret knowledge of the Goddess have a long and rich tradition of magick. King Solamine himself was attributed with having supernatural powers. He is ever traditionally thought to have written the keys of Solemn. They are powerful magickal grimours.
The Hindu Religion is full of Magick and Goddess worship. Hindus believe in millions different Goddesses all unique with her own powers and stories. There is even a story of a goddess in human form cheating the God of death. You might say from the rest of the paper that this would be the most accepting of female energy and magick. This assumption would be incorrect. In this Religion the masculine gods appear very prominent and the power of air is very dominate. This is because the Hindu people seek to transcend this reality to achieve ultimate peace. As a result most Hindus focus on the overcoming of physical desires to transend the pain of desire. Even in this culture of air earth has its place as air breathed can only be recycled if there is plants of the earth to recycle it. There are shamans of the Goddess Sita. Who perform magick spells and sacred rights. There is the Hindu form of astrology that is even more accurate than the babaloyan system that is used by the western world. The Goddess shows up in many different ways there is a deep system of love making, and cooking, and handcrafting that is unique to all the feminine arts.
Mormons that are abhorrent of all forms of “magick” yet they have special sings and symbols that teach occult knowledge. They even protect them from harm. They don’t advertise it but they believe in Mother God. They believe that Father God doesn’t talk about the mother in order to protect her from the backlash of being divine.
There are many other Goddess worshipping peoples. To the best of my knowledge they all practice some form of magick. I just used these examples as a way to show you how to spot the most hidden forms of magick. A lot of times Magick exists in a culture but the people in the culture refuse to call it magick. This is the domination of masculine influence on society. This is symbolized by the Masculine deities taking over their respective pantheons about three thousand years ago. This is why the goddess teaches magick among the other feminine arts as a way to survive in our hearts as society at times would have prostrated us for worshiping her openly. With the return of the goddess there has been a large reemergence of the magickal arts this is a direct result of worshiping her as you love the mysterious lady of wisdom she imparts her followers with her wisdom.

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