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May 25th World Tarot Day 2017 Reading for Ge

This is a major card in the game of life for Strength. This card is for the willful and powerful person. You use what you know to your advantage. Strong in your mind and in your will. This card always gives me a lion tamer feel. You will fight down the wrong to your last breath. You can sometimes be too strong. You can be very tricky to deal with you, can be a hot head. You can be forceful with others. You don’t give in. You are slow to change and often find it very hard to do.
6 of Cups
The Six of Cups represents people or situations from your past that will influence your future: people you have known in the past may return to your life, you may find yourself returning to groups or locations that were formerly important to you, or past patterns may repeat themselves.
7 of Wands
The Seven of Wands indicates that you can have what you want in the situation at hand, but you are going to have to work for it. Effort, determination, and perseverance are going to be needed to bring about the outcome you desire, but with the needed work the desired result can be achieved.

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