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Meditation and rituals involving Tarot cards

Meditation as a term is very subjective and relative. What applies to you may not apply to me. At the same time we both could be right in our own way. My own understanding is restricted and flawed due to prejudice, bias and past experiences. What heals your soul and helps you dig your subconscious; and seek what is not known or acknowledged or not yet accepted. There are many modes and techniques of meditation. Although I am not the appropriate person to comment on meditation; my soul is too restless and chaotic to find peace and calm within. However, if you have a temperament which is receptive and not hyper: then one can gain a lot from meditations involving tarot cards. I come across a lot of people who ask me: what purpose do tarot rituals serve? What is there to gain in approaching these rituals?
I agree and accept that in this world people approach a card reader or perform rituals. Whether rituals involving tarot cards or purely Wiccan rituals. For a selfish objective and to gain something in the end. However, the irony with rituals is such. When we perform them with an objective or a fixed end result. We may not always get what we expect. Faith is something that has to come on it’s own. I cannot expect anyone to have faith when they are not willing to. However, respect is necessary while performing a ritual. Respect for the ritual and the fact that it is a sacred rite. Performed to please the higher power. Even burning a single candle is a ritual in itself. As long as you consider it sacred within your heart and respect it. Every ritual is an effort. Again not every ritual may give results. This does not imply that every ritual which has not yielded any results: is not effective or not performed with the right intention. There are times when we may never know why a particular ritual has not worked. Some questions don’t have an answer. Suffering is inevitable and even if a ritual does work. No one can help you escape suffering. As long as we live; we have to suffer. Living on the edge is part of survival.
Meditation is something I am still to learn and practice. I do not even know whether I will be able to do so in this lifetime. My temperament is too volatile to find that peace within; which we all crave for. Paul Brighton once told me that in order to meditate, one need not always sit in one place. In a static position and force one’s mind to concentrate. He did mention and suggest a few good techniques. However, I was too restless and hyper to do them. I do respect him a lot. Considering the fact that he has a temperament very similar to that of an athlete or a sportsman. However, at the same time he is someone who is capable enough to dig into one’s subconscious mind. This is very rare, requires a lot of effort of the mind and one blessed with a soul destined to find it’s way.
When I started learning the tarot cards I would keep looking at each card. In the beginning for two to five minutes. A few years later the time span increased to seven or eight minutes. I wish I could concentrate on each card for more than seven minutes. However, my restless temperament is an obstacle at every stage. Unfortunately in the past few years. Due to time and health constrains. I have stopped this ritual completely. However, to focus your thoughts and your mind on any one single tarot card: is a good way to learn and also effective when you are looking for answers. To sharpen your mind and to increase your intuitive abilities: one can meditate on “The High Priestess” or “The Hermit” card. These cards imply a strong, capable and a very resourceful mind. At the same time they portray a soul that is receptive, intuitive and capable of reading between the lines. The High Priestess represents a woman who is extremely willful, secretive, intuitive as a medium, capable of making quick and just decisions. She is a survivor but not an outcaste. She knows how to live within the boundaries of this so called society. Not everyone is receptive and proactive. This card helps you develop these traits.
The Hermit does have the aura of isolation. However, this feeling of loneliness and detachment is important to find what is necessary and to make a wise choice. This is the card of wisdom. Wisdom that is achieved through: pain, suffering and living one’s life on the edge. At times the choices implied by this card may not be socially acceptable or within the norms of society. Hermit implies a wise and a phlegmatic social outcaste. There are times when we find help from people who are not respected in society. However, every soul on this planet has a predestined purpose and a journey. Every soul contributes in some way whether willingly or unknowingly. What is important is to find a way when needed. Finding help when needed is not easy, not everyone gets it and people who help us deserve respect. Irrespective, how society or other’s view them. If you are stuck up at the cross roads of life: when you do not know what needs to be done and the suffering does not seem to end.
Meditating on the Hermit card will help you overcome this chaos and will make you able enough to take a wise decision. To decide is not easy. Especially when every choice or option that you have: is lethal or has a huge price tag to pay. However, even in this mess we have to choose so as to survive and to continue this journey of existence. A state of no action is something we cannot carry on for too long. There comes a time when we have to choose and take the final call; we cannot prolong it any further. How long can you stretch your resources and delay what seems inevitable? Placing this card on your desk, altar or mantle; burning a dark blue, dark red or dark purple candle at sunset. Is an effective way to ask for guidance from someone known for his: wisdom, presence of mind and his ability to decide. Especially, at a time when all doors have been closed in life.
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