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Sometimes when you have been dragged down so deep you have a hard time looking for the light of the future. I know this from experience.

Usually when I am in the depths of the vortex of depression I cannot see a way out and I feel like I am drowning. However, these past 7 years, I did not feel this way at all. My spirituality held me above water. I had learned about polarities and I used that knowledge that even though I was so far into the darkness at that point, I just had to wait it out and the light would come back to me. That the darkness would be lifted. Now I am not saying it just went was not that easy. But it was worth the fight and worth the effort.

Today I spent the day reading the first lesson on Reiki. This is something I really want to not only learn but practice and use to help people. I want to help people so they do not ever have to feel like I did. I want to help nature and animals as well. I feel that this calling is something that I have to carry through with. Just as I have to complete my 2nd Degree. And I will.

Moving forward Spiritually letting the Lady guide me is what I have learned from the past 7 years. I got through it, but I know I did not do it on my own. If She will guide me through the worst time of my life, I will let Her guide me through the best.

Blessed Be,

Rev Storm Magick

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