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If you know anything about the south you will know that southerners love their big trucks and the bigger the truck the more mud you can sling.

Big Lick Festival Park is located in Oakboro North Carolina, just south of Albemarle. It is home to the summer's relaxing downtown cruise in, which I will write about in another article; it's also home to some of the best entertainment for people who love large and in charge tractors and mighty, muddy trucks!

In July the park held a wonderful Big Lick Mud Race & Grudge Pull. It was surprisingly not a bad little event and the cost was quite affordable for a family with kids. Most of these events have kids 10 and under free of charge. Family outings are quite costly if you have more than two kids so it's nice to find places that offer deals.

The vendors that were set up were quite affordable as well and the kettle corn was super yummy. If you are out and about in the area and would like to find a fun family event then the Big Lick Park is a great place to look into. You can find their website online and view their many upcoming events. From Drag Races to Antique Festivals I would dare say there is something for everyone!

I was able to get behind the scenes in this event and I have found the nicest individual would have to be the wonderful photographer who got me the best photos imaginable. Thank you Shelley from "Muddy Addictions" for the back stage view and the amazing photos!

I have to hand it to this gal, by the end of the night I think she was covered in more dirt than the trucks! This is what Shelley does for a living, she snaps those amazing shots of the mud slinging tires and catches the height of the moment! She was kind enough to invite me to her little spot to catch those shots but I opted out, she has way more bravery than I and it shows in her amazing photos!

The downside to this event I would have to say for me was the fact that you have to get there super early to get a good seat and make sure you bring your own chairs, there is very limited seating. And there are only port-a-potties so make sure you have that hand sanitizer in tow.
Yet even this I wouldn't call much of a down side compared to the real dirt here.

One of the mother's of one of the drivers was quite nasty to me. She was trying to get photos just as I was and confronted me wanting to know which truck I was with. I explained to her that I was not affiliated with any of the participants and my curiousity were purely media related. She was quite rude and didn't believe me. She ran me off from where I was and was very nasty. I had to get with an official who was over the park and he was kind enough to help me find Shelley who was the photographer for that event. Needless to say she made the night much better for me. So just watch those family members who may be out for blood. I could see the competition factor was like Dance Moms on the 'Muddy Side'.

I will definitely make sure to stay closer to the park employees when covering the next event. Other than this small issue I would give the event and it's venue a definite thumbs up and to Shelley from Muddy Addictions, I give a big muddy thumbs up! Be sure to check out her page!

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