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So, about a few months ago a cat was crying over and over, everybody was gone but me, I searched all over for it and found it under my house. The poor helpless thing looked as if it had been abused and mistreated. It was crying out but when a person would try to approach it, it would dart off. I knew it wanted love and so I went inside and got a little piece of meat and just took it outside and placed it near the entrance and sat about 25 feet away. It wandered near it, still crying out, but still very afraid to accept love, and graciously ate the nourishment I had brought it. Soon it went back to it's hiding place but her cries were silent for a bit.

Thinking about it that night I said nothing to my family, I was afraid, although with all good meanings, they would scare the poor thing. The next day the crying came back so I got some more food and brought it to her, placed it near the entrance, and again sat about 25 feet away. She came up, lapped up the nutrients and looked at me, cautiously she moved toward me, then turned and went back to her hiding place.

Feeling sorry for her, but also admiring her strength for she showed that she is strong by attempting to come toward me I could hardly sleep that night waiting for the next day. That day came, if too slowly for my taste, and again the crying. Again I took the food out and placed in our spot, but this time I brought an extra piece with me. She came out and ate, again coming toward me but this time, although she did hesitate, she came all the way. I let her come at her own pace and she enjoyed the reassurance that she was loved and a special creature. She enjoyed the treat I offered her but then something wonderful happened. She rubbed her head against me and started purring. I reach out and gave her the positive attention she was wanting. We had a moment, just me and that beautiful cat.

I have a screen door on the back of my wood shop (attached former sunroom) and it has a hole in the bottom and she comes in and out at her leisure, she knows I am there for herand she is safe with me. I enjoy that she comes and visits me and lifts my spirits fro time to time too. That is all, I just wanted to share a wonderful moment with you all, thank you for reading.

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Comment by Winter Robin on March 26, 2012 at 10:43pm

Warms beds, food and simple kindness has made me some really great cat friends .I also think they help me more than I helped them.
Great story !!! Thank you

Comment by Christa Burrows on March 29, 2012 at 6:08am

How absolutely wonderful!! I absolutely LOVE cats, and you are truely blessed to have been accepted in her life. You will know how wonderful your life would now be. Your rewards, as you have already experienced are a head rub, purrings, rubbing against you, to name but a few. My cat, Tosca, and I are real true "human" friends. She wakes me up in the morning, never leaving me for one second until I get up to feed her!! It is rubs, and kisses, and wisker tickles until she gets what she wants. Together with that I get a meeaw, and some form of talking to say "thank you" and then when she is finished, she darts off to the bathroom. While I am brushing my teeth she is there, licking the toothbursh to also "brush" her teeth as well. She would then either sit on the window sill or the carpet until I am ready for work darting to the door for a whinedy whinedy throught my legs to say goodbye. In the evenings when I get home the entire process is repeated, but with her eventually making herself at home on my lap in front of the tv for some tv watching and some general rest and recreation. She sleeps with me on my bed, and in winter actually climbs under the blankets for warmth. When I went through a really hard time, and the tears were really flowing, she was there, either just sitting watching me with some sorrowful eyes, or actually walk up to me and licked my face as to say it would all be better. So cats are REALLY actually human. I do wish you well with your kitty and do hope you will have endless joy and fun. Blessings in Life, Love and Light. Christa.


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