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My Fae Event - Starwood Festival 2019 - Ser Ed Correll

My Magical Moment,

On July 11th, I have an encounter with a spirit, which would be identified later as a Fae. With him was a beautiful, rooted, green goddess, who had a graceful aura about her. I remember the scent of flowers of that drew nostalgic memories to the surface. Faintly, smelled with the English Tea roses of my grandmother yard when I was very young.

Before that occurred, I came to Starwood as broken as I have ever been. My wormfields were dug up and the others with actions against them by the government, and everything I had built with my Son and team was lost. I had fought so hard, and lost to a conflict of corruption. It was so raw, as it happened mere hours before I left for Starwood Festival.

So on Thursday night, I was so much pain, and decided to take sacrament and try to relax. I then began a shift, and a teacher and friend appeared, saw how lost I was, and told me of the journey to come. She was generous of your time and kind with her passion. She was sharp of the rules I was facing. So it was then I left her, thinking of her asvice.

I then went to woods and broke down, and began to cry, as I truly believed I was alone. This was at the edge of the Fairie Grove at the Festival, but at the time, very dark, I was unaware. It was down a path that nobody was there. Finally I broke down, and let myself finally cry, to express my pain and sorrow, anger and rage. The shame of failing loved ones, and damage at every level. I just broke inside and let it pour out of me. The energy escaped me and I was inconsolable.

Then at some point, I thought someone was near me. And I bolted up. It was then with a great rustle and energy, I saw the spirit, the Fae, or at least every sense knew they was there. Behind the first was the rustling of a beautuflly shaped entity, a woman spirit, though I never saw her face or features, in a long green and brown dress of roots, at least 6 feet around. In her dress where small beings, like fireflies, and it was so utterly joyful.

It was then the first entity, tall, physically dominant, the strong smell of musk, masculine in the ways of expression. I cannot truly describe either of them, but to save how they made me feel. That was awe and wonder, terrifying.

The Fae, said to me, “Why the Sadness? Why the Pain?
Shut it up, that it was agonizing to hear. Do not bring misery to his lands.”
I cried, and my guts wretched themselves in his presence. Made a fear reaction, from the strong musk, the air filled with.
“Do you want to die? I can kill you, if you want? Will that stop your pain?” so calmly spoken, with kindness and that increased the threat.
Odd offer, and suddenly I was very aware, the illness set back, my deepest instincts took notice.
NO, I need to live?
Fine, stop crying, and I complied, I believe out of wonder and that which we do not know if we are already in terrible danger and did not know it. In part, was my mind snapping.
So I relaxed, and he told me things. I said I did not care, that visions are for suckers. All it means that you get hurt twice. And who believes you. They want extraordinary evidence.

In this moment, as now I could see the Lord, as he was tall, upon two strong hooved legs, the barely human torso, arms with that lovely long fingered hands, and thein nails, like needles. Hi shoulders broad and furred, and his face was barely that of man, as much buck as well. He towered well above me. Of course, this pales to a real description, but how does one describe something that was more energy than tangible.

Basically, many stories told, but his was they sensed a moment of crossing, and they wanted me to help. I would cast a gate, to allow them through. They are drawn to us, and using magics that you can access, the Crystal Web itself, and other spells, they could bring their vibrancy down to better engage the world. To bring across spirits which have never been here before. To migrate and fortify their homes.

So no one will believe me, I said, and then he said okay. He ripped my eyes from my head. I panicked and listened as he spoke. He said these were dirty and gave them to the beautiful one, to be cleaned.
My Eyes taken, and I stood there, with the only awareness of me and this Young Lord, So he said to me, if all these thing we have spoken come to pass, and if the gift we have given is sufficient, you will cast a circle to allow us cross. I said, I would. Then a sense of happiness and joy, the sound of music from far aware and nearby, and I collapsed. My mind remembers falling into dream like slumber. For all I know, It was all a dream

Its what I believed as I rose, a strange hallucination or midnight fantasy, and it was late. I walked the road as many of the late nighters, the owls, remain awake. I made it to my safe space near Paw paw, and the sound of drumming. I made it to my tent and fell asleep.

In the Am, I woke and the sun was already out. So I looked out, and saw the strangest thing. The tree I was looking was oddly colored, and I realized I saw something everyone called green. As I looked around, I could not speak, and I became aware I was seeing a different world. Of course I panicked, but before long, I was aware I was no longer color blind. So there it was, a verifiable phenomenon, I had evidence that says something happened. Something that night forever changed how I perceive the world. So it has been every day since.

In fulfillment, on August 8th, 2020, I will be Calling The Fae, most directly this particular Fae, and all their cohorts that shall travel with them. We shall secure our agreement, they will come to dwell among us, wherever we give them home and shared offerings. They will in turn offer protection and magical assistance.

So there is the story, and why 8/8 will be Invite the Faery Day. So this is what I want to do, will do and why I want to do it.

The first real understanding is They offered to take care of wishing wells, fairie wells, and allow people to simply give you their monies. The Leprechauns, with his wheelbarrow, came and collected all of the coins, and took it to a bank, and yes they drew it straight from my memory. But the coins were collected and counted, and the Lephrachaun got a gold coin. He said, most of the people up ther don’t care about coins, but we do. They will throw them to us, as we ask, into fountains, into wishing wells. So if you create a wishing well, they will there to charm the coin in, and you must remember to share with them, in houses, in gifts, and use the money to fund your world.

Second is dividing coins, seeking value. The power of the blue trifold coin holders. The longer they are held the more valuale they will become. He said that coins were going yto vanish soon, and these are the last chances to gain them in the wild.

Third was cards with dates, facts,, with the year of the persons birth, and a coin of that year, usually a penny for luck. It is said if you carry a coin minted in the year you were born, it brought good luck. So it was carrying a luck penny.

So from the well, they offered short term, long term, and a continuous flow of revenue, for those who build fairy wells, and enter this bargain.

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