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As the path before me I do tread
Looking forever for my bed
I notice many feet have been here before
Though I know not when it seems evermore
Feet go in both directions to and fro
But no one have I met leading toward my ultimate foe
I hear the storm in the distance with its thunder
About the aftermath I do wonder
Will I stand at the end
Or will I be forced to bend
Many voice I do hear
But no one can I see near
The bushes and brambles keep me upon my path
Many attempts to leave it have I made in the past
Sustenance the hedge does provide
But love does it not abide
Thus is the path I must take
Alone forever in my wake
I feel a presence beside me
But invisible it shall ever be
The voices distant cause me great pain
Though their company I do distain
For no sadder can the presence of one be
Than with a couple should they be
Like a dirk the pain does cut
All the day and night I do feel it in the gut

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