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I wanted to say a something about namaste.... a phrase which means "I
respect the light within you as it is within me". It is a principle of
compassion and respect.

I don't like everyone. Believe it or not there I people in this world I
hate. Hate is such a strong word, but it is true, sometimes we hate
others. I think they are mean, nasty, inconsiderate (enter name here).
Namaste is how I deal with those people "gracefully". I know of a lot of
people who have enemies that they despise like I do... I have often
heard people say "I wish they would go die" or "I wish they would fall
of the face of the earth" or "they can burn in hell for all I care..."

I think that saying these things feels good at the moment. Certainly it
is better than going and slashing their tires, or beating them up,
etc... However... I think that it is inherently wrong to wish ill will
on another person. Yes, we'll all "get ours" eventually, but... when we
desire ruin upon another person, we are more likely to bring it upon

The people who tend to wish (even in passing) bad luck on people, foster
hate and block compassion within themselves. Soon they loose that
inherent respect for the life and divinity within all people. I am not
saying these people start carrying axes... but they disconnect
eventually from society, feeling superior, or disheartened about the lot
of "us". They place the blame of wrong actions, rather than on the few
who committed them, but on us all. These people also become the "dirty
fighters" - when they begin to have a conflict with another person, they
care more about "winning" the fight, than resolving it or finding the
truth. They call names, bring up unrelated issues, and attack another
persons humanity and dignity...

We all know these people, who sometimes become the "villians" that they
see in everyone else. They catch the contagion of hate and are greedy,
selfish, loathsome people in the end. Some of us have been there
ourselves, I have... and it is a bad place to be.

Imagine for a moment, the person you hate most in the world. They have
hit their all-time low... They are suffering, starving on the street,
homeless, without family, friends, or a job. Everything has been taken
away from them. Perhaps this is their "karma"... perhaps not. Given you
have the means to, would you help them? Would you buy them a meal, put
them up in a hotel, give them your pocket change? If you cannot face
them in person would you entreat another person to help them? Even if
you never got an apology, and whatever they did to you still hurts and
stings... would you still respect that light within them, and help in
whatever capacity you are able. And if the tables were turned, do you think they would do the same for you?

We need to learn to value even our enemies as people. Do we have to
"like" them?... no. Do we have to invite them to dinner, and say hi to
them in the grocery store? No. But no matter how much we hate them, and
avoid them, and WANT them to just leave us alone... we should respect
that they too are people, deserving of life, humanity and simple

That is Namaste in action... that is compassion...

Blessed Be!

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Comment by mara rising-phoenix on August 7, 2010 at 4:55pm
Wow!!! I love this and relate to it so much!!! This is one VERY HARD lesson to learn. I have to admit that I am still working on it and sometimes I fail miserably. I do try though. :) *Mara
Comment by Kenneth Wendell Geyer on August 7, 2010 at 10:25pm
When it comes to fixing certain areas in my life, this one takes the cake. Slowly but surely I am starting to turn the other cheek and even though I don't like them I have been trying to help them out. Not always but sometimes it make me feel better and less stress Then there are those I rather just slash their tires, I'm a work in progress.
Comment by Faofeng on August 9, 2010 at 2:43pm
This is very thought provoking and inspiring. Namaste is something everyone should think about and fit into their own lives. The fact that I'm not sure how I would react to my most hated person gives me the need to think more deeply into this situation. Thank you for this post, and good will to you. Blessed be.
Comment by Ruth Edith Norby on August 11, 2010 at 3:42am
You know I lived my life with hate and anger and know I have compassion and understanding. People are ugly because of not understanding what they go threw, and take it out in the most unappropriated places. The funny thing is they do not even know what they are doing. If you give into their anger they have won. I guess the first lesson in my life was my Grandmother. She was one of those people that had to make you cry or angry to have a good day. She also took care of me. One day, at the age of sixteen, I said to her I am having a great day and it does not matter what you have to say, because you have a right to your thoughts and I have a right to mine. After that, me and her became friends. But what she taught me is some people enjoy making people unhappy. Those people we confront so they do not bother us. If we have to work with this type of person, then we teach them how to treat us. Here is where Karma comes to place. Treat them how they treat you. Make sure you know your laws and the rules though. I am a manager. I have been a manager of different levels. A year ago I worked with a sexual offender and a manger. He was dating children out of work. Anyways me and him almost got into a lot of violence because of this situation. Being a woman myself he was put in a different store and so was I. The store I was put in was a male sexist, who had control problems, and was egotistic. We battled for a year, but today no sexual phrases are talked and we get along great. If you can understand your emotions then you can understand someone else, you do not have to change them; you just have to teach them how to treat you. Usually by treating them how they treat you and falling on the old philosophy, "this is how you treat me, so I thought this is how you wanted to be treated.
Comment by Ruth Edith Norby on August 19, 2010 at 5:01am
Hello Megan,
I am sorry but I am pretty weak at the computer seen. I was brought up in hate from birth. Know I call it a strength of understanding. Hate is a emotion, because someone is hurting us, but we allow this. There is no need for spells. Karma allows certain lessons to be taught, but if you involve your soul in this lesson it may come back to you. Compassion is the ability to see why one aches to give so much harm, or maybe to protect themselves, this also means understanding in our part. When we rebel, we are close minded and only see our own prerogatives. In the material world we are taught to teach people how to treat us.If we allow people to treat us a certain way that brings our emotions out. Maybe we need to learn that emotion to better control ourselves, because if we control; we can help the person attacking us.
Comment by Ruth Edith Norby on December 22, 2010 at 10:03pm
No one is a enemy; all are good. Some might be suffering and make others feel uncomfortable and some might not know better and make people hate. For example my Grandmother was my babysitter she was a argumentative type of person; if she made you unhappy she was happy. One day I was over the hate and anger and I looked her in the eyes and said you do not bother me I am having a good day. She had a horrible day because she could not get to me and after a week (because she was lonely) we actually had good conversations. People do nasty things when they are unhappy. This is there cry for help. If you can understand, you may be able to help. If you take offensive you need to still learn.
Comment by Megan L Conklin on December 22, 2010 at 10:34pm
I also touch on this same subject in my blog on Malicious Manipulation.


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