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This is a non-traditional blog foir me, being that rather than discuss an issue I will relay a personal experience. I do this every once in a while... just to bring it home. Also, I am not always a person who is guiding others, I am in fact... a person who is still constantly journeying...

I strongly feel that the gods, the divine, speak to us if we are open to them. For me, thier messages are usually abstract, but perfectly designed to respond to my needs. I go on a walk outside with my daughter everyday, and during it, I introduce her to the serenity and wonder of nature, but ALSO I use it as a time of reflection and connection with the gods. I try to take it all in and I look for all the messages I am given. I only analyze those things that speak to me... not every detail.

Somedays all IU get is comfort and a sense of peace. When I need it I get more symbolic messages. Lately I have gone through a lot of changes. Interestingly the fires have been HOT here at WSI at the same time. I am in the middle of trying to settle in a new home, start a new diet and exercise regimen (here comes the Hungry) and re-center to a new "peace". To top it all off... we are potty training- but that has come to a standstill... so I have to make the descision of whether it is best for my baby to wait and try again later, or to keep on track with urging her. I don't want to overstress the situation, but I don't want to miss the opportunity either.

If I don't get this stress and tension resolved I know I will be plagued by migraines and my diet will not be working "with me"

SO... I went on a walk today... hashing over the thoughts in my head and just asking my patron for a gentle push in the right direction.

I walked on this PERFECT blue sky day. It had a warm "gold-yellow" breeze (am I the only one who feels the color of the wind on a given day) . It is not too hot, or too cold... The early fall scent of the harvest is in the air... I can smell the hayfield and the odd smell of cattle and sheep. It is almost like baking bread all together in the air.

Anyways, the crickets were chirping away and I took a moment to close my eyes and connect with the ebb and flow of their chatter. I could feel my breath slowing... my heartbeat as well. I watched the ridge behind our home. A hawk gently perched on the fencepost at the top of the ridge. She was beautiful.

The hawk is associated with my patron as her father... The hawk is the "eye in the sky" and indeed, this hawk was watching me intently. I could feel the spirit of the divine within it. Hawks represent Energy, Leadership, Vision and more. After about 10 minutes the hawk glided upward on the breeze, spiraling higher and higher. To me, spirals always represent spirituality and focus... and indeed, the higher it flew the more focused and the more at peace I felt. The hawk flew upwards until it circles the beutiful silver cresent moon gleaming in the sky...

In a moment 8 ravens flew over head. usually you don't see these black beauties flying together unless there is a carcass nearby (at least out here in the boonies). I have always had a personal connection to the raven, as a child I had a "resident" raven who was always in the tree outside my window. On day I actually was able to pet it... It was so touching and incredible. (by the way... I am not condoning petting or touching wildlife) The Raven is a symbol of wisdom, and of battle, also of honesty. All this conflict in my life, does indeed feel at times like a battle. True warriors rise above the battle and use wisdom instead of force. Ravens symbolize honesty & outspoken-ness.. I strive for that every day... I feel the gods are telling me to come back to that inner zen, and rise above it all...

The number 8 is significant is that numerologically it is about Power, Sacrifice and Prosperity. 8 ravens show that in power, I need to rise above the battle and use my wisdom. The hawk reminds me to strive upwards towards my gods, as I always do... however I need to not let irritations get in the way. If I use wisdom and not unguided emotion I will continue forward.

Last, as I returned home I was greeted by my Mother in Law's cat... Romeo. I am NOT a pet person by nature, however Romeo is somehow attracted to me and my daughter. It is odd because truly, if you want to connect to me... first connect with my girl. In a way Romeo is becoming my familiar.... joining me in walks and rituals. He is an adopted stray and he reminds me (with tears in my eyes) Home is where you find love and where you connect.

I always find a lot to learn from the voices of nature. I hope you all do too! It is the magical moments of life that bring me back to zen, center, focus. I am truly blessed! As I came inside, i looked over my shoulder for one last glimpse of the hawk soaring up and up riding the air and looking down at me... with the sun shining through her feathers.

If you would like, relay an experience when you found peace or wisdom from nature... or feel free to kindly comment of mine!

Blessed Be!

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Comment by TARON STAR on September 3, 2010 at 6:41pm
Thank you for that , you have a wonderful way of telling stories that makes me feel like i was right there feeling what you was a beautiful walk. Thanks again ...........Taron Star
Comment by Kornelia Schilpsant on September 3, 2010 at 7:51pm
Hey Megan, your experience was beautiful and rang true, I agree with Taron, I felt like I was a live spectator. I often feel like nature brings my wisdom. That said, it always bring me peace :-D I'm lucky to work at an institution which is located not far from the dunes, the terrain is full of trees and flowers, a truly beautiful place. Whenever I leave home stressed out, not feeling up to a days work, entering the institutional terrain, being greeted by an cathedral like natural arc of oaks, always relieves me from any tension I have. I also find nature in the people that surround me, and in that I'm blessed. I work with people that have developmental disabilties and they are the most honest, pure and interesting humans.
Comment by mara rising-phoenix on September 3, 2010 at 11:02pm
I live in the country and on 29 acres of thick woods. I am getting to see the gradual changing of the leaves, the fall breeze picking up, and the trees dancing in it. Nature speaks to me all the time in the calling of an owl, the howl of a wild dog, the chirping of birds, the sounds of a frog chorus, and too many other instances to list here. Nature is my balance now. The out doors settles my heavy heart and clears the chaos of my mind. When in doubt....go outside. As usual Megan...stellar job in the telling! This is why I can't leave....I learn and share in turn...I would miss this. Blessed Be! *Mara

Comment by Megan L Conklin on September 4, 2010 at 12:13am
beautiful guys! I am so happy to have shared this and hear the magical and wonderful experiences you have as well!

Blessed Be!
Comment by John Thomas on September 4, 2010 at 11:04am
Nice visualization into your life.


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