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merry meet,
Iam so lost and need some advice,
Where should I begin let's start with how f***** up the universe is right now because my little brother was taking from me and and yes everything happens for a reason that's my motto but honestly f*** the motto that's just something people say just to make people feel better about tragic about things that happen in synchronized manners that cant be explained by logical or spiritual means or in some cases they don't want to bring biblical terms or the Bible type of versus into play so instead of being religiously out of place because some people aren't Christian or Catholic or whatever they have to go and say oh let's go ahead and use a different term to explain the things that happened that are tragic to certain people's lives so that way they can feel better about it or feel at peace.... let me tell you I've been wiccan/witch for the past 23 years of my life I've seen I've done I've witnessed quite a lot in my time to make me very much a believer of the things that I do that are different than other people I can even feel things I'm an empath but right now I can't handle anything I don't feel I don't see I don't have anything spiritual happening does that even exist do spirits even really go to another life do they come back if they talk to people do they even exist or do we just die and that's the end of it it honestly I don't even know anymore like I said I literally have witnessed and I have been in many experiences with Supernatural things but was it all a mind trick? Do we really have a after life? Or do we just think we do??????!!!!!

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Comment by Purplewitch on July 4, 2020 at 8:49pm

Merry Meet. I am truly sorry for your loss. In 2017, I lost both a brother and my father within a 3-month time period. I want to encourage you through this difficult time in your life. As Witches, we learn that death is one of the three great Mysteries. We are all going to die, some of us will die young and some of us will be blessed to die at an old age.

The Universe is simply doing what it is meant to do in its ever-continuing cycle of life. None of us can stop death, and we are not meant to stop it. I will say now, that no words will ever take away your pain or loss, but I want to encourage you regardless. It is true that everything happens for a reason because death is a part of the continuing cycle of life. As Witches, we can experience death in the dark and cold of winter-time, and we wonder will the light ever come back to us? Logic cannot explain death, and Spirituality and Religion tries to.

You don’t have to feel better or feel at peace during this time. As humans, we are meant to mourn our dead and this is a process that we each have to go though in this life. You said, “I don’t feel, I don’t see, I don’t have anything spiritual happening. Does it even exist”? These are my beliefs and opinions-the process of mourning the death of our beloved relatives is one of the most spiritual events you will ever experience, other than the death of yourself.

You asked some other questions which I would like to answer with my beliefs and my own personal opinion (none of which you have to accept).

1) You asked-“Do spirits even really go to another life”? Personally, I believe that they do. Absolutely I believe this, and many religions teach about life after death. The spirit world is all around us now. Have you ever thought about where you were, even before this life? Think about it. Most Witches accept and believe in other dimensions, other realities, even in past lives on this planet. I have great respect for the Nazarene Rabbi Yeshua who said, “there are many mansions”, which refers to the many dimensions of reality.

2) You asked, “Do they (spirits) come back if they talk to people”?

Yes. I believe that we can communicate with the dead and some dead people do not know they are dead, or they linger on the earth plane to be around family members and help them through their grief. Most, if not all, Witches are empaths who are highly sensitive to dead people. I know there are some Witches whose work is to help the dead to cross over fully and connect with their own loved ones who have died.

3) You asked, “Do they (spirits) even exist?
Of course they do. I’m sure that you have heard that “energy can never be destroyed, it only changes form”. We are spirits now, existing within bodies to experience the physical world through our senses and through our emotions.

4) You asked, “Or do we just die, and that’s the end of it’?
Well, certainly death is an ending to our life now, but as spiritual energy, we can never die.

You also asked, “Is it all a mind trick”? “Do we really have an after life”? “Or, do we just think we do”? Think about these things. What is “Mind”? It is consciousness and as human beings we exist within Divine Consciousness (what people call God/dess). We all know that the human mind (the lower mind) can trick us in many ways. One such trick is to make us believe that the physical world is all there is. I believe absolutely that we have an “after” life, a “before” life, and probably many “past” lives. All of this is to teach us to grow in love and wisdom.

You are logically trying to understand death, but death can only be understood through the heart-you have to see with the eyes of your spirit. Your brother is not lost. He is alive and well in the spirit world. If you want to speak with him, ask him to come to you in a dream-you are more open at that time, and the ego mind does not block the communication. You have to be ready for this emotionally and your love for your brother is the key to this. I am a Witch but I also love Yeshua (the one you call Jesus). Yeshua overcame death. He is one of the most highly evolved beings to ever incarnate on the planet. Sorry, for the length of this response, but I’m trying to offer you hope and renewal, and a way for you to look at death in a different light. Your love for your brother is the bond that ties you to him, which can never be broken.


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