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January brings us new year and with that new year brings new beginnings and new attitudes. This the time that we can reorganize our lives.

What do you wish to clear away from your life? During this time we need to practice more flexibility by allowing ourselves to face what we have been avoiding on a mental, emotional and physical level.

We all go through cycles of movement in our lives. It is going to push you in unusual directions.

If you find yourself being pushed off the path you were on instead of trying to get back on the intended path ,develop a curious attitude ,sit back and observe where the universe wants to take you.

We need to learn to shape and mold both to our advantage during this time importance. When we do, we will be at peace within in the world and we will see all things in this world as a gift.

Have patience with all things but chiefly with yourself.Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but create a remedy for them for each day comes with a new beginning.

When we create, we allow both wanted an unwanted things into our lives. As human beings we always think we need to control our lives and create our lives being the same thing.

That is simply not true. We are not just ordinary people my brothers and sisters for we are the children of the divine which makes us divinely special.

Spread your wings and fly for it is your time to shine like the beautiful spirits that you are .

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