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Magic by numbers? How is numerology done?

Well in truth there is far to much for me to write about it all but I will help you get your feet wet. You see when numbers are used in magic it's very similar to using the Tarot cards only with a small amount of math. To get a essence of numbers you need to reduce the problem to a single number so only one digit is left. For this we will use names as they... are the simplest way to understand numerology and also very accurate. Grab a pencil and paper, then write your name in print on one line.

We will use my name for example....


Ok now using this chart place a number under each letter. Use the number that appears by the letter....

1} A, J, S

2} B, K, T

3} C, L, U

4} D, M, V

5} E, N, W

6} F, O, X

7} G, P, Y

8} H, Q, Z

9} I, R

So my name in numbers is..



Now I add them...

= 40

I can't use 40 so I have to break it down again...

4+0= 4

So 4 is my magic number. But now what does it mean? I will give you a list of numbers and what they mean so you can find out what your name says about you.

1) The vibration of a leader, you are a forth right person dominate and very active. Often strong willed and at times self-centered. Yet you are original and initiative. This is the number of a pioneer.

2) You have a gentler influence on people. You place great value on friendship and sentiment. You can be sh

y and lack resolution. Home life makes you happy and content. Often this number is gifted with psychic abilities and mediumship.

3) This is a number of luck causing you to often be happy-go-lucky. You are a generous and optimistic person with a cheerful outlook on things. Sometimes you are self-indulgent and extravagant. You view life with a sporting attitude.

4) You are a fine and solid influence on others, very steady and reliable. You are hard working and loyal. Stubborn and unimaginative yet practical, persistent, and matter of fact.

5) A active and rather changeable influence, giving you many different talents and interest. You possess unusual powers of the mind and are marred by impatience. Being tied down isn't you, you enjoy travel.

6) This number is both harmony and beauty as you are cultured and artistic. You enjoy luxury, are sympathetic and peace loving.

7) A mystic number, you are idealistic and often misunderstood. You are thoughtful and self-possess

ed and can sometimes be a "Loner". You have great reserves of inner strength and may be psychic and intuitive.

8 ) Organization and power are part of you. You are conservative, can be stern, and even pessimistic. You are a solid person strong in your principles yet cautious and careful.

9) Strength is behind this number but how you use it is your choice be it good or ill. You tend to be jealous and over-hasty. However you are active, courageous, and ambitious you are high-spirited and fond of excitement.

I hope you enjoy finding your number have a safe, fun, and Blessed day )0(


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Comment by jackye crosby on October 21, 2013 at 2:00pm

but what about the number 10?

Comment by Aoibhin on October 22, 2013 at 1:54am
10 is a two digit number, the objective is to get it down to a single digit. This would only allow for 9 to be the highest available number.


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