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I've been studying on Asatru-u figuring I'd have to start somewhere and I've filled up half a note-book already. I'm working on finding my own copies of the Eddas, Beowulf, and at least some of the sagas off the net due to the fact I can't order online and the library would have to do an inter library loan and I don't thing they'll like me highlighting them. I'm probaly going to have to order from The BookNook.

I need to figure out the best translations for beginners like me so I'm open to sugestions.

Now for something completely different

I got a Care2 news alert with variuos articles in it. One of which was
"Ancient Anglo Saxon and Iron Age artefacts and human remains found between Rudston and Boynton East Yorkshire."
Published Oct 22 so everyone probably knows about it now. Here's the deal anyways. At a dig at the Caythorpe Gas Storage site between Rudston and Boynton, 5 buriels were discovered from various periods ranging from late Irom Age to the Anglo-Saxon period. Evidence of settlements were found including an Iron age round house and an Anlo-Saxon building. The bodies have been removed and the archeologists where kind enough to share thier find with a local primary school.

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Comment by Rev.Teri H. Ott on October 24, 2009 at 2:16pm
The Internet Sacred Text Archive is a wonderful source. I am not sure if you were looking for downloads or the actual books, but this will give you something to read until you get the books!
Blessed Be Peace!
Rev.Theresa Helton (Moonraven)


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