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Open Letter From M. Rev. Don Lewis High-Correll on WSI Rebuild

Greetings All,

For the first part of my Summer speaking tour, I had the privilege of attending the Heartland Pagan Festival, the St. Louis Pagan Picnic and the Three Gates Festival. Collectively, It was an immensely enjoyable experience and respectively, each of these events were special in their own magical ways of which I won't soon forget! The best part of it all was gathering together with old friends to reminisce, and in addition to that, having the blessing of building new friendships to make new memories with. All of the people of these lovely communities had one thing in common. They were the once and future students of Witch School. Some were brand new and gushing over the variety of courses and others have been with us for over a decade, since the days of courses being taught on the Daily Spell. It has been an honor to serve the Witch School community after all these years, and to have played such a positive role in so many lives is an incredibly humbling experience!

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Witch School has seen many improvements from the time of its conception. Ed Hubbard, Lisa Tuit and I created the School on September 4th, 2001, on an old computer sitting in the kitchen of my hometown of Chicago, IL. Ser Ed was already spear-heading the First Degree course teachings through the Daily Spell website, but the demand for the courses far out-paced the platform. To meet this demand, Lisa, a driven and gifted programmer created a brand new academic environment that accommodated 1,200 students on the first day of its launch! The original theme of this new Witch School followed closely with that of the Daily Spell’s black and white theme, adding purple and silver into the mix. Down the line we moved to the catchier blue and gold that we have used ever since.

At the time, this programming was of optimal caliber, proving this by retaining its functionality for over seventeen years -indeed, it is yet still fully functional. However, with the passage of those seventeen years, the programming has become rather antiquated. Technology itself has come a long way through the years and the language in which the School is coded is becoming obsolete. There are so many ways in which we can continue to improve our service to our students, one of these ways includes a complete overhaul on the behind-the-scenes program coding of the School site, from the ground up! This will help facilitate Witch School once again seeing its heyday as a pioneer of Spiritual education. Whether you have been with Witch School since the beginning or have just recently signed up, we want you to have the best educational experience possible. In keeping with that promise, we must keep pace with the rapidly changing times in order to best serve each new generation. When we say that a Witch School Lifetime Membership really does last a lifetime, we mean it.

At Witch School our goal has always been accessibility: to be an Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere metaphysical education. To do this we are working with professional programmers, who are making it possible to have our user-friendly, yet technologically innovative vision come to fruition. We are already starting the rewrite, but Witch School is a vast site containing a considerable amount of information and there is much more to be done before the new site can become active. In addition to revamping the seasoned classes, many new ones will be coming onboard with this new site, as will many new features including, but not limited to, updated visual and audio quality, multi-lingual offerings, and a plethora of new interactive features!

Executing a website which stays relevant to the ever changing technological demands takes dedication and requires a significant amount of support as none of this would be possible without its users. Part of the establishing vision for Witch School has always been seeing it kept on a unique Freemium platform, where Basic membership is free upon registration and the option for purchasing access to additional content as a Supporting member is a choice as well. We are proud to offer so much to the community without charge, and even our Supporting Memberships have been kept as low cost as possible. As we move into the future of Witch School the demand of content versus cost must be addressed, and with a project such as this in the works one must seek assistance of its community, in order to best serve and give back to the community.

If Witch School has been a valuable experience for you; if its metaphysical resources have helped you, if you in any way, shape or form appreciate the spiritual content made available to you and you wish to see it renewed and improved upon for this generation and those yet to come; please consider becoming a participant in furthering our cause to keep esoteric knowledge relevant to the modern era by contributing to our fundraising efforts today!

An endorsement of any amount is a tremendous relief to defray the expenses. If you cannot give, but still wish to help promote our cause, please share our page with your friends and spiritual allies. With more people aware of our campaign, we'll be one step closer to reaching our goal.

I wish to personally thank you in advance for your generous gift of patronage!
To assist here is the link:

Witch School has expanded with the aid of the community it serves; and as we embark on this new venture we are as hopeful as ever to have your continuing assistance and appreciation. 

Thank you and Blessings to All!
Rev. Don Lewis

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