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Pagans Tonight; Halloween Week including Silver Ravenwolf

The week of Samhain (& Beltaine in the southern hemisphere) is upon us once more as the wheel continues to turn. Many of our thoughts turn to the thinning of the veil-visits with the ancestors, the changing of the weather, family get togethers and the return of the dark half of the year (the the last mercury retrograde of the year ). Pagans Tonight Radio Network shares those thoughts and plans to bring you some exciting programming!
This week of Samhain (& Beltaine) brings us special guest, Silver Ravenwolf-who will be flying by Moonday’s Ask a Witch to chat with Lady Brigid and Mama Bear Kazan Clark on Pow-wow Magick. Tuesday brings a live Samhain Ritual with Selena Fox and friends, followed by a Samhain Extravaganza with Jason Mankey from the Raise the Horns Radio (& blog). Woden’s day bring us a discussion of Circle’s Green Cemetery and a musical visit on The Pagan Music Project with Damh the Bard. Thor’s day brings a podcast discussion on Samhain and all it encompasses. Saturn’s day afternoon brings us to our Spanish programming-a special discussion on the element of Water- “Especial sobre el elemento AGUA”, and Sun day brings us back around full circle with the Pagan Variety Show with Pam Kelly and musical guest Chronilus- a Celtic Fusion Band.
Most shows begin at 8 pm CST but please join us on Facebook or sign up for your FREE account on Blog Talk Radio so you can join in the fun and discussions in our live chat room!
We, at Pagans Tonight Radio Network, hope you have a wonder New Year’s week! May the return of the Dark Half of the Year bring you the joy of the ancestors, warmth and comfort of friends and family, as well as the reflection toward a prosperous and fertile Spring!!
Brightest Blessings to You & Yours,
Traci Logan Wood
Pagans Tonight Radio Network

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