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I never realized how much of a weight being in the "broom-closet" was until I left it a little while ago. I feel so much better now than I did before I talked about how I felt to Dad, actually, really! And that totally surprised me, I expected things to be worse then they are. My Father is not happy yet the thing is this: My life is my own, not his, he needs to learn that is just the fact of how things are and that meddling in my life only drives us apart and will not acomplish much other then to cause us to argue and to drive us further apart. I am not a child anymore and he cannot control me (for all he tries to do so). I am through tip-toeing around him, while I will not directly challenge him at this point I feel more confident that I can be myself more around him.

I feel that this is partly because I re-did the spell "Ritual Bath" again from the introductory lesson of CWC 101 and felt that I could finally release a lot of the fears surrounding me that held me back prior to this point, it felt good to release these old viewpoints that no longer serve me! I let the salt take those energies away and embraced the freedom that I found! Shadow work is hard but worth it! The peace that follows is profound! I am so grateful I am a student at Witchschool... I have come a long way. It has been worth it! I am happier now then I have been in YEARS and that is very encouraging to me! I have worked hard and am closer to becomming a First Degree Correllian Nativist Wicca Priestess and while still working toward my goal this makes me very happy. It also helps to motivate me to continue to work hard towards being the best person in every way that I can be. I am doing this for me, not for any other person. My choices are my own. And I seek to make the choices that will make me proud, both now and in the future.

Bright Blessings, All!

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