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Peace Through Patience and Spirit

Peace within comes through many channels and by following a path that is unique to you. Each will find their own Peace within by following your own intuition, guidance or path to your heart. One of the most valuable paths to Peace within has been a life-long lesson for me, Patience. It finally made it's point through a painful and quite unnecessary event in my life. I say unnecessary because if I had listened to my own inner guidance, it never would have happened.

I recently suffered some severe injuries in a fall. Short story: I fell and broke my nose and knocked out all my front teeth, injured my right arm and both knees. How? By being impatient and running to catch a bus, I stumbled in the street and landed on my face.

The most important part of all this is the lesson learned which I would like to share with you to help shed light on the importance of patience and listening to inner guidance and guidance from spirit. I ask for guidance from my guides and angels every day. I did so on 'the day', but didn't...listen. I was planning to attend an event on campus where my art was on display.
My first guidance came from my Self in a thought "Don't take the bus, walk through the park instead." If I had listened...I would have slowed down and avoided the place where I fell.
Secondly: I had been having 'second thoughts' throughout the day about going. (Higher Self/Spirit)
#3: A phone call about an appointment would have forced me to re-schedule my errand, but I put the appointment off instead. (Angelic intervention unheeded)
#4: An eagle flew directly above me, circling and staying directly above. These birds are my totems, a big heads-up notice for me, and had I lingered to watch it, or considered the portent of its sudden appearance, I would have turned the tide in the course of events. (A sign and message from Spirit)
#5: I unexpectedly met up with my husband, who was on his way home, about 50 ft. from where I fell and he encouraged me to come home with him instead. I hesitated and almost did, but went on instead. He tried to get me to skip the bus and walk instead...I didn't listen and ran...and fell. (Angelic Intervention unheeded)
There were more, but in the interest of brevity I won't list them all. You get the point...Listen to your thoughts, and your own feelings and listen and watch for guidance in the form of signs and omens.
Take your time, exercise patience, nothing is more important than being aware and focused and patient. Nothing is more valuable or important than your own personal safety.
You Higher Self, spiritual guides, angels, and instincts are all working on your behalf. Trouble happens when we choose not to listen or 'see' the signs. Take the time to consider whenever you have a doubt or whenever you keep coming up against 'obstacles' when trying to get something done. Step back and consider why all the interference. The 'obstacles' and 'interference' are often messages that can change the tide in your favor.

So, keep your Peace by being patient and listen when Spirit shines light on your path.
May you Blessedly be Peace through Love,
Rev. Theresa Helton-Moonraven

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Comment by Davin Raincloud on June 15, 2012 at 9:09am

Sorry to hear about your injuries Rev. Theresa Helton-Moonraven. I hope you are healing well.
Great post and a good reminder to listen to the signs and self. I was taught the opposite growing up. Although being clearly gifted, I was taught that I was stupid and lazy and that I had no worth. So I doubted myself well into my late 20s.

Comment by Rev.Teri H. Ott on June 15, 2012 at 9:53am

What a wonderful awakening for you, Pumpkin Eater, to come to the awareness of what a wonderful and gifted being you are! Embrace your 'Self' with love and appreciation. You are blessed. Thank you for your reply.
Love and Peace,

Comment by Anavrin on June 16, 2012 at 4:41pm

Thank you for this, Rev. Theresa. In our busy rushed life we often forget to heed spirit's messages and sometimes the outcome is a harsh reminder. I hope you're feeling better!


Comment by Rev.Teri H. Ott on June 22, 2012 at 10:49pm

Thanks, Ana! I'm healing and returning to normal.


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