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It is believed that the appearnce of the number 1 in multiples is a reminder to us to moniter our thoughts and the thoughts related to our deepest desires as what we ponder, we will manifest into reality. Living from the heart, from love to co-create Peace in our world is my deepest desire.

Today is the perfect day to express your deepest desire, focus on it and manifest it, magically, into reality and into your life. Whatever it is...healing, joy, Peace, money, wealth, a new tv, getting that book published, painting the worlds next masterpiece, a family reunion, passing an exam...whatever it may be, the energies of the universe are at work and manifestation is happening on a swift scale. The Goddess is alive and magick is afoot!

I would like to encourage everyOne to remember that we are One. That we each have the power to change the tide in our lives and affect, in a positive manner, the energy around us.

It is my belief that when we live from the heart, from love and give love to all that exists by expressing it silently, verbally, artistically or magickally..we will feel the magnificent rush of joy within our hearts that opens us to manifest all the goodness in the universe.

Give love, feel joy....know Peace.

Blessedly Be Peace!
Rev.Theresa Helton (Moonraven)

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