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☮Peace For Today ☮-- 26 September Yr. 10 Aquarius

‎"When you find Peace within yourself and by sharing it with others, inspire them to do the same...this is the path to true Peace."T.Helton.

Peace is on the minds and in the hearts of many. There are countless amazing groups and activities throughout the world, all of them promoting Peace. The awareness of not only of the need for Peace but the desire for it, is overwhelming and inspiring.

And that is what the quote above is about, inspiration. The path to true Peace begins with the first step from your own heart. Go within to find the path to true Peace. Take that first step and the path will open before you and you will walk with others who have chosen to do the same. In doing so you become a Light of inspiration on the path to true Peace, inspiring others to find their inner Peace and share it. This is how we will weave the magickal intention of Peace around our planet and in our world.

Blessedly Be Peace!

Rev. Theresa Helton (Moonraven)

© 2010 T.Helton

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Comment by Kendra on September 28, 2010 at 11:20pm
Beautiful and well said. :)
Comment by Rev.Teri H. Ott on September 29, 2010 at 5:14am
Thanks, Kendra, for your kind words and for your response.
Love and Light,


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