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Though this may have been covered before, I feel it bears repeating. The movement toward Peace is generally viewed in relation to the end of war. That is the priority. However, like many, I believe it goes deeper than that. I believe it must begin on a personal level. It must begin with a search for Peace within one's heart. Our blessed Lady reminds us that if what we are searching for we do not find within, we most certainly will not find it without.

Searching for Peace within, and finding it, awakens one to the bigger picture and global peace. When a person finds the Peace within, their awareness magickally opens and the realization comes that they hold a key to Peace on a global scale. The realization comes that perfect Peace in our world and on our planet will become our reality when the majority of people realize that true Peace begins within.

What does this mean to each of us? It means that when we awaken to recognizing that Peace begins within, we will realize that from this starting point, Peace will radiate out and have an effect upon others in our immediate families and circle of friends. One by one these people will also awaken to Peace within.

As we awaken to this we are aware that it originates with love. From love we are moved to share with others. We are moved by a desire to help and we act upon that desire by helping our families, friends and community. Others are moved by our actions and begin to find the Peace within themselves. They are moved to act upon it and do so. Peace begins to grow on a community level, and then outward.

When we consider the global movement toward Peace, we may think we see a tremendous job that seems almost impossible. It is not an impossible feat. It is actually a reality that can be created when we start with ourselves. One being...finding their Peace within..sharing it with others out of love...even by a simple grows...and spreads. The cure for the 'dis-ease' that afflicts mankind is simply 'Peace Within'.

May you Blessedly Be Peace!

In Love and Light,

Rev. Theresa Helton☮(Moonraven)

Order of Peace Weavers

©2010 T.Helton

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Comment by fantumofthewinds on May 6, 2010 at 8:21am

Thanks MP


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