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Blessings to all!

During this time I would like to offer a few words on the power of our thoughts.  What we think about, we create.  Together we create this reality. This is why it is so important to focus on what our thoughts are, what we think about.

Currently there is much concern about the state of Peace in our world. Many are  waging a 'war' for Peace.  The good point is that Peace is coming to mind. What we must do is to focus our thoughts on Peace entirely, simply Peace. True Peace begins within. It is a gift of Our Lady.

The Universal Law of Attraction guarantees that what we focus our thoughts on is what we will manifest. In the case of Peace....think Peace. Feel it grow from the love within your heart. Share it with everyone and you will help them find their own inner Peace. When all beings find their inner Peace and share it with other, we will see Peace in our world.

Our Divine Mother says: "Peace is my gift to you. Peace is a happiness, a love, a joy...a spiritual state of being that dwells in every heart. When all are in that state you will see true Peace."

So, Blessed Be Peace and Blessedly Be Peace, from the love within your heart. When you are in that state in you, and I am in that state in me, we are one.

Love and Peace,

Rev. Theresa Helton (Moonraven)

The Order of Peace Weavers--Order Head.

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