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Are You Receptive to Peace?

A very special member of my family, whom I hadn't seen in almost 10 years, came to visit last week. The energy was, and still is, amazing.

During this visit I was gifted a visit to the Seattle Space Needle. We traveled by elevator to the top of this frighteningly tall monument. I have a fear of high places. There is Peace in the high places of the world.

Peering out the window of the elevator we could see the ground drop away below. A rush of exhiliration raced through my veins. I felt that my current work with Celtic Tree Energy would be tested, surely my 'roots' would weaken as we soared up and away from the ground , they were not.

As the doors opened at the top, my breath escaped in a gasp at the Peace that I felt up there. The usual Washington cloud cover cleared and the world was visible all around for as far as I could see. As we stepped outside and the wind ruffled our auras, I opened my eyes to the reality of the profound feeling of Peace that I felt and the overwhelming love that poured from my heart. The view was...well no words could do it justice, but I was most moved by the feelings I was having. I tried to think of the words for a prayer, but the words escaped me. We found a seat in the indoor viewing area and immersed ourselves in the luxury of being. When we looked at the time, we had been sitting for nearly two hours!

As a Peace Weaver, I recognize the Peace within and nurture it and send it...however..this was a time for receiving Peace from the Universe. "A Peaceful balance" my Libra self whispered. It is as vital to be open to receiving Peace from the Universe as it is to send it.

Peace dwells in the high places of the it does everywhere.

It is one thing to send Peace...but we must also be open to receiving it.

I received a helping of Peace from the Universe at the top of the Seattle Space Needle!

As we work toward Peace may we always remember to be open to receiving it as well. In this way, the 'Wheel of Peace' continues to turn...

Blessed Be Peace!!!

Rev.Theresa Helton (Moonraven)

Order of Peace Weavers

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Comment by Magickal Hummingbyrd on February 21, 2010 at 6:47pm
♥)O(♥ Bright Blessings Rev. Moonraven My Profoundly Cherished Sister Witch Of PEACE! ♥)O(♥

What A WONDERFUL Experience !!!

I Would ♥LOVE♥ To Sit In Awe & Meditation With You High Atop A Powerfully Enchanting Sacred Magickal Mountain!

We Would Have To Be Flown Or Ride A Lift To The Top Of The Mountain ~ For I Am Not Currently Strong
Enough To Climb A Mountain!

♥PEACE! & Bountiful Blessed Bees!♥

♥)O(♥ ~~~ Magickal Hummingbyrd ~~~ ♥)O(♥
Comment by Claudia Blanton on February 22, 2010 at 7:15am
Beautiful indeed - and you are so correct, to open oneself to receiving as well, as we give peace. Only then can we truly live and achieve in balance. Thank you for this experience. I am also afraid of heights, so this is probably my only way of ever "visiting" the needle - through your eyes.
Blessed Be!

Comment by Rev Michelle on February 23, 2010 at 5:00pm
That is an awesome experience.

Makes me wonder about many things that we are afraid of. Do you think it's possible that some of our fear comes from a place within us that tries to keep us from experiencing many small and larger joys? I can come up with a couple of fears of my own that could be categorized like that.
Comment by Rev.Teri H. Ott on February 24, 2010 at 12:17am
Yes, I do think so, Rev. Michelle. I can tell you that in my youth I missed out on many experiences due to my fear. When I stepped past this one fear I came face to face with the joy and elation of true freedom. When I stepped out of my comfort zone a wee bit I was rewarded not only with the awesome view, but with the joy of gaining just one more bit of freedom. Fear is limitation. Release fear and you give it wings and what remains is pure joy in your heart. With the fear gone, there is more room in the heart for joy and love.


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